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People feel proud to work for Gardiner & Theobald (a positive score of 79%), a company that has helped to create and update some of Britain’s most iconic structures, from New Scotland Yard to the visitor centre at Stonehenge, since it was founded in 1840.

The organisation, based in London and with 21 other sites around the country, has 796 staff and offers construction and property consultancy services (which include giving advice on tax). Employees, typically quantity surveyors, report that they would not leave tomorrow even if they were offered another job; the 79% score here ranks the firm in the top 40.

The company gets its best overall scores for the fair deal it gives its workforce (64%).

Two-thirds of employees earn at least £35,000 a year, and more than a quarter have a salary of more than £55,000. People feel fairly paid compared with similar staff in other firms (63%) and for their responsibilities (64%).

A third of employees have a final-salary pension, and the rest have a contributory scheme that matches their investment of 4% of salary. Everyone enjoys free sports facilities, an annual subsidy of up to £250 for leisure activities, life assurance and the option of childcare vouchers. All staff members can take up company loans, and everyone is offered subsidised private healthcare. The company also makes eyecare vouchers and annual flu jabs available. About three-quarters of staff have a car allowance and an eighth get profit-related pay (last year sharing a total of more than £2.5m between them).

People feel a good sense of job security (80% — a top 30 score), and 40% have been with the company for more than five years.

Work is an important part of employees’ lives (75%) but people are also encouraged to relax.

The company has good scores for wellbeing (66% overall), offering everyone 27 days of holiday a year and closing all of its offices from Christmas Eve to the start of January in addition to this. Staff can trade five days of holiday a year for more salary if they don’t need them, but if they want more time off the business offers sabbaticals and career breaks. Employees have not reported work-related stress recently (77%) and don’t feel their health is suffering because of work (79%).

Gardiner & Theobald invests in future leaders, sponsoring courses at business schools and qualifications such as MBAs. There is a successful graduate development programme, as well as bespoke training modules for technical staff. The company supports professional qualifications for business support staff too. Employees feel there are good opportunities to learn and grow with the organisation (68%) and say that the experience is valuable for their future (79%).

One of the values at Gardiner & Theobald is “honesty”, and the company aims to be “ethical, and fair, at all times and in all relationships”. It keeps staff informed with monthly management board meetings followed by group and team briefings. There is a quarterly newsletter, Gardiner’s World, posted to everybody’s homes, as well as focus groups and committees to allow people to get more involved and give feedback.

The organisation has a non-hierarchical atmosphere. Employees sit in open-plan offices with all partners accessible and aren’t afraid to voice their concerns to them (70%). People tend not to use intimidation to get what they want either (72%).

Last year, Gardiner & Theobald launched a new brand image to sum up its growth in staff and turnover, and employees feel excited about where the organisation is going (76%).

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