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About Gemserv Ltd

What is it like to work for Gemserv Ltd

Their Chief Executive, David Thorne, has a unique style in engaging with employees in an open and transparent way.  Their open plan office environment encourages everyone to hot desk and collaborate with different teams, however, David lives this ethos by joining a different team each week, not only to interact with the team, but give them the opportunity to speak with him and raise challenges or questions in a more informal and familiar setting.  Another important aspect of David’s approach is his commitment to meeting every new starter who joins the Company. As part of the new starters induction schedule, David holds a one-to-one session with every new starter in order to give them an opportunity to meet with him, learn more about the Company and ask him questions in an informal setting. This meeting is also important in reinforcing his ongoing approach to questions and feedback and give employees confidence that he actively promotes this culture.
My Team
My Team
The company holds an annual ‘Company Away Day’ where all employees attend an offsite fun and exciting team building day, followed by an evening meal and disco. This year they hired out a hotel in greater London for the event. Employees, in their groups spent the day completing team activities ranging from cooking challenges alongside more informative wine tasting sessions……the end result was the whole Company contributed to producing their evening meal which made the food taste even better than usual!   Due to their recent growth, this day was a great success and provided employees with a chance to meet and interact with people outside their departments. The results of this have transcended and are visible in the office, with their kitchen and dining space (known as ‘the hub’) buzzing with cross departmental groups lunching and taking breaks away from their desks. The away day reinforced their office culture of networking across departments and taking breaks and lunch away from desks.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
The company look at reducing their electricity consumption wherever possible, with measures such as the ‘Switch-Off’ campaign, which promotes employees to switch off all non-essential equipment outside office hours e.g. printers, lighting and IT equipment.  They encourage staff to switch their laptops to the eco or power saver mode and do quarterly audits to monitor this.   Their IT team has installed the relevant technology which enables them to provide data on energy consumption across the various equipment within the office, from laptops to servers. This provides greater clarity on current consumption levels and better use of equipment to reduce consumption where possible. They look at business travel and try to encourage staff to use low carbon methods when travelling to and from work and client meetings. This is measured by an annual survey of staff travel patterns and recording the business travel to each client meeting. The company also have a policy to encourage staff to cycle to work, so if a new bike is required, employees can purchase one through our cycle to work scheme.  All of our paper is 100% recycled and they measure staffs printing consumption on a monthly basis. They recycle as much of their waste as possible and this includes confidential paper waste which is measured and recycled, and goes towards reducing their carbon footprint.  The company have an annual carbon footprint survey and offset their equivalent carbon emissions via a donation to Pure the Clean Planet Trust.

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    Health Insurance

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    Dental insurance offer to all employees

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