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What is it like to work for Geometric Drilling Ltd


Geometric Drilling have been awarded their Bronze Healthy Working Lives award and are working towards a silver award and information and advice is forwarded and posted on notice boards. Site staff are in an active job and are generally fit and healthy. All staff have to go on a medical. Staff hours are recorded in the office. Rig staff tend to work 12 hour shifts and usually either work 14 on 14 off or 21 on 21 off. If staff go over the 21 days then dispensation has to be requested from the office for that staff member to continue working. This ensures Geometric Drilling can keep an eye on staff well being. Geometric Drilling always try to ensure that staff have fair balance between work and time off and if they do work extra then they are paid overtime and Geometric Drilling always try to get extra time off given.

Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back

Geometric Drilling have been involved in supporting one of their senior rig crew partners who is suffering from illness at present by members of staff organising events in their time off and all proceeds going to the charity. Geometric Drilling are currently working towards ISO14001. They monitor waste from their sites and it is uplifted and disposed of or recycled correctly by an approved contractor. As Geometric Drilling are in the drilling industry they use a number of chemicals and there is a potential for environmental incidents so the standards and procedures they have in place to prevent and counter anything happening far exceed most normal expectations. Geometric Drilling are in the process of working towards ISO 9001 and 14001 so they look and seek to continually improve all procedures and working practices making them cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. By continuing to strive towards this they are assisting in ensuring a sustainable organisation. Geometric Drilling have a dedicated team in place who deals with local councils from planning applications, through the phase where they are on site and working and to the conclusion of the operation where the area is restored to its former standard, ensuring they have a constant, excellent working relationship

My Company
My Company

£25 Argos vouchers are given to staff for recognition of attitude or observations towards safety. They can also be passed out for outstanding work. Another form of employee recognition is being taken for meals or small awards such as t-shirts or torches.

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