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Personal Growth
Personal Growth
At Global Reach Partners they ensure all of their staff receive a comprehensive induction programme, to give them all the skills to be successful in their role as well as giving them the training and exposure to understand what the organisation does and how departments work together to produce the end result via their job swap timetable. Their induction programme is made up of a variety of line manager training, departmental job swaps, education on company policies and procedures and a session about the companies mission, vision, core values and culture. Global Reach Partners' sales team are currently going through an internal, in-depth training programme which has been hosted by a number of senior sales managers and team members. So far they have covered off communication filters, buying signals and will cover products and security of funds for the remainder of the year. They encourage their sales team to continue their own development by using the resources and experience around the business by planning training such as call coaching and meeting preparation. 
My Company
My Company
The new starters partake in an ‘On Boarding’ scheme where their talent manager has weekly and monthly catch ups. For the first month these meetings begin weekly and then monthly for the rest of their probation period. This allows new starters to confide in confidence about any issues they may have and how they are finding the start of their career at Global Reach Partners. Even after the probationary period is up, their talent manager reiterates that whilst the on boarding scheme has come to an end he is always available to discuss anything at any time. The sessions are then followed up with a breakdown email of what was discussed and pointers on what that person wants to achieve by the next session. Another example is the ‘Change Request System’ where all members of staff are able to put forward change requests to their change committee that is made up of senior representatives from across the business. These requests vary from a new technological system or a basic administration change that can make all the difference to their people’s working day and an even more productive business. The change request can also deal with implementing new ideas to the business and not just a change.  This is always welcomed by the representatives. They are always looking to improve as an organisation and work to implement change from their employee feedback which is broken down into sales and admin.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Global Reach Partners reward their credible employees in more ways than one and focus on these awards not only throughout the course of the year but month by month. Every Monday afternoon the management team gather to discuss and vote for a member of the admin team who stood out above all others for the previous working week. Over the course of the month, the votes are counted to establish the winner for a very competitive place of ‘Admin of The Month’. This is then announced at their monthly “Round Up’ where the companies successes for the month prior are discussed and the top performers from sales, dealing and admin are presented with congratulations and a trophy where their name will be engraved and will be placed on their desk for the remainder of the month. They receive a £400 bonus and an invitation to an exclusive ‘over achievers’ breakfast with their CEO at a top London venue to kick start their working day. 

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