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About Hayley Conference Centres Ltd

Banish thoughts of drab conference suites, dull PowerPoint presentations and stale sandwiches, Hayley Conference Centres has got the details taped and the staff are excited about where the organisation is going, giving it a 79% positive score. Staff feel good work is well rewarded (74%), ranking the firm 31st. The offices are in Milton Keynes but the conferences themselves are held at eight locations, largely stately homes dotted from Manchester to Dorking. Hayley employees take pride in their venues and the company's set of values, called the 20 Hayley Habits, maintain this integrity. They say the organisation is run on strong values (76%) and believe in them (77%). Teamwork is where Hayley excels. Staff think people in their team care for them (80%), are confident in the abilities of team-mates (82%) and find colleagues fun to work with (84%), the latter placing the company in the top 20 for workplace fun.

Company Statistics

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  • Male to Female ratio:

    45% / 55%

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