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About Highlands and Islands Enterprise

The Scottish Highlands are known for their beauty and open spaces, and behind the scenes 606 people are working hard to make them an even better place to live and work in. Highlands and Islands Enterprise is responsible for economic and community development across an area which covers more than half of Scotland and is home to 425,000 people.

As an organisation, HIE demonstrates a commitment to supporting fragile local economies and its staff are spread around 34 different remote locations. It is a motivating and inspiring place to work according to employees, who give the firm an 84% positive score for belief in its principles and feel that they can make a difference within the company (73%). HIE believes "we achieve most when we work together" and teamwork is strong, with employees saying that their team cares a lot about each other (80%) and that colleagues go out of their way to help (75%). The development agency, which has an annual £600,000 budget for in-house training, has a new two-day induction course as well as a leadership development programme. It has an active social committee and staff say they have fun with colleagues at work (75%).

Aware that salaries are not as competitive as in the private sector (just 11% of staff earn more than £35,000) HIE has enhanced its benefits which include health checks, maternity leave at full pay for 26 weeks and a final-salary pension scheme. Even so the 56% positive score for happiness with pay and benefits is quite low and the 34% positive score for too much red tape ranks HIE 99th on this measure.

HIE care extends to working closely with voluntary groups and charities. It uses fair trade produce and last year saved the equivalent of 152 trees by recycling paper.

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