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    Manufacture, sales and service of industrial batteries.
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    • Unit 2, Lowfield Drive Centre 500, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST50UU

About HOPPECKE Industrial Batteries Ltd

What is it like to work for HOPPECKE Industrial Batteries Ltd

The CEO treats all staff with respect and gives them the opportunity to speak to him directly if they have concerns regarding the business or themselves. He shows not only an interest in their time at work but in their families outside interests. In the short time he has been in post he has been very keen to seek to harmonise and improve terms and conditions for all staff. The MD ensures that he visits all sections of the business and speaks to as many staff as possible. He engages well and proactively with staff at all levels across the business. Due to the nature of the business a great amount of on-the job training takes place, particularly for field staff. This type of on-going training enables staff to maintain and develop their skills. There is on-going support available from experienced managers and staff. The business is proficient in providing support and guidance whilst business continues. For a small number of staff an MBO process is in place. The organisation is about to introduce a formal management development programme and to set up a number of supplementary support programmes, such as mentoring and coaching. There are also plans to implement a cross organisation performance management system in the next 6 months.
Hoppeckle have introduced the Cycle to Work Scheme, which they hope will benefit a number of staff. Employees also have access to an Occupational Health Doctor if required. Hoppeckle are also looking to the future, maintaining the intention of investigating the introduction of an EAP scheme over the course of the next few months. Those staff involved in servicing the Company's products, both field and office staff, are eligible for a bonus or incentive payment based on the amount of parts and additional services sold on to customers. This is a new scheme, introduced last year and has proved not only successful for the Company by increasing sales, but also with those staff who would not normally promote the organisation's products. In addition, the company pays a bonus based on overall profit to all other staff who are not eligible for other types of bonus.
My Company
My Company
Throughout the Company posters and charts are proudly displayed on the walls to ensure staff are aware of the vision, mission and behaviours that are so dear to Hoppeckle's heart. These are even displayed in the reception area so visitors are also aware of the company's mantra. As Hoppecke are a relatively small company and approximately half their workforce are field based, the MD writes a blog to update all staff on changes and developments in the business and to celebrate success. For those staff who do not have access to a computer, their team leader meets with them to discuss the content, answer questions and obtain upward feedback, which is noted and as appropriate discussed with the wider leadership team.

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