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Working for HSA Group, the personal medical plan provider, is positively good for your health. From free fruit to flu jabs, yoga, reiki, reflexology and flexible working policies, there are plenty of opportunities for the organisation's staff to feel better about life. HSA continually seeks feedback from staff through surveys and consultations to ensure that pay and benefits are competitive.

The Hospital Saving Association, founded in 1922 and based in Andover in Hampshire, fosters a culture that encourages all staff to consider themselves leaders, celebrates individuality and encourages employees to "be yourself".

Staff believe in the company values, giving HSA an 83% positive score for this, and they find it easy to be themselves at work (78%).

However, the company, which recorded more than £21m in pre-tax profits last year, has relatively low scores for employees feeling fully involved (71%) and believing they can make a difference (73%).

Fittingly for a healthcare business, there are high scores for staff saying their health is not suffering because of work (82%) and for happiness with work/life balance, where the 74% score ranks HSA eighth on this point.

Employees are kept in touch with company events through newsletters and magazines delivered to their desks, team meetings and events such as sales conferences.

Desmond Benjamin, the chief executive, likes to lead from the front and keeps his door open so staff know they can just pop in for a chat. Workers report having a great deal of faith in him (79%).

Last year the company spent £387,000 on fun and social events, adding to the strong sense of team spirit in evidence at HSA. Employees say their colleagues are fun to work with (82%), that they care a lot about each other (80%) and have confidence in their workmates' abilities (80%).

The firm, where 200 employees have worked for at least 10 years, gives a percentage of its turnover to charity each year (this amounted to £2m in 2004). It also sets aside 100 man-days a year for staff to do charitable work in office hours.

Staff are happy with a wide range of environmentally-friendly initiatives from recycling paper to buying CO2 emission-reducing vehicles for its sales team — the 72% positive score for protecting the environment is among the 20 highest.

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