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Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Their dedicated Learning and Development Consultant is tasked with growing people’s industry knowledge as well as other soft skills such as objection handling, customer service and account management, providing crucial support for employees to achieve their goals. A range of externally-led training days have been organised for all levels of employee and were led by former Olympic Gold Medalist, Greg Searle. This included setting and achievement of goals, understanding different motivators for people and delivering feedback in a constructive and positive way. Over 90% of the management team have developed within the company into leaders from joining initially as Trainee Consultants. Also, 40% of the management team have come from their Apprenticeship Programme, where they currently employ apprentices in every department of the company. This makes them an employer of choice and demonstrates that people really can develop their career at ICG.
My Team
My Team
The company has an office in India and has opened up secondments to the UK based teams whereby volunteers are able to visit the India office to meet their colleagues, who ordinarily would only be interacted with via telephone, email or video conference. Though that communication takes place many times a day, there is not a replacement for face to face relationship building. The secondment opportunity was open to all levels and all departments, and in fact, the majority of the secondments are very junior level. There is currently a project being undertaken where new functions are being opened up in the India office, and a broad range of employees are travelling to the India office to share their knowledge and working practice and to meet their overseas colleagues face to face. In addition, cross functional meetings have improved knowledge sharing, best practice deployment as well as better working relationships. This is something they will continue to develop as it has been hugely rewarding and successful.
My Company
My Company
Core principles are communicated through email using examples of individuals who have demonstrated them, as well as having them on posters throughout all their offices. Although they do not have one defined vision/mission, their plans for the future have been communicated to employees through the annual sales conference and through their Friday night meetings.

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