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About i-level Group

What is it like to work for i-level Group

i-level operate a monthly staff meeting in one location where different leaders host each month. They also have live Q&A or surgery sessions. The workspace is open plan even senior management sit on the same floor and not closed off from other employees. The layout of the office promotes easy access for all employees. The company hold Intranet blogs or present regular pieces of information in the organisation newsletter/magazine. They believe the sort of communication should be face-to-face. For a company of close to 150 employees, he knows everybody by name, position and contribution to i-level. The company is undergoing significant cultural and structural change and the leadership have ensured they hold regular updates at monthly meetings as well as ensuring he is accessible to every member of the business. The leadership believe in a strengths based culture and this involves tearing up the old rule book to identify and nurture what people are naturally good at and to tie this into their individual performance development structure.
My Manager
My Manager
The company have a shared network where learning and development tools and templates can be found, such as the appraisal or probation assessment templates. They offer pay and support for external management qualifications CIMA – CIPD. They have performance Appraisal Training (facilitated by HR) - Learning Lunches/brain box sessions and professional development sessions. All annual appraisals require 360 degree feedback from clients, colleagues and suppliers. All People Managers have regular one-to-one meetings with human resources and senior management to enhance people leadership skills. New people managers receive a mentor that aids in their support during the initial months. Managers have very regular forums and updates together to share ideas, gain knowledge and have their voices heard.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
i-level works extensively with the strengths academy and external management consultancy that focuses on helping employees to identify and nurture their strengths, and how to best apply this in their careers, the work-place and in their contribution to building super teams and department road-maps. Whilst it is a recession and most companies have held back on hires, i-level have a legacy of developing outstanding media talent. They recruited 19 graduates to participate in a comprehensive Graduate Development Programme this year known as i-Cademy. To promote work life balance and new experience, i-level provide all employees with a £150 allowance per year to spend on any training, with the specific condition that it is non work related. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) logs are an initiatives that operate an “on-line learning CV” where all professional training is recorded and used as a record for professional development and performance reviews. i-level have a comprehensive Performance Appraisal System. Employees are appraised at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months when they commence with i-level and then every 6 months following this. they take their appraisal process seriously and the annual reviews involve 360 degree feedback from clients, suppliers and colleagues. Employees also have their opportunity to provide detailed feedback about their progress and how they would like to develop professionally and personally.

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  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave

  • Gym

    On-site gym or subsidised gym memberships

  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    10% of staff undertake charitable activities during business hours

  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

  • Maternity

    At least 10 weeks' leave on full pay

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

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    Seach Marketing, Digital Planning/Buying, Digital Consultancy, Social Media Planning


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