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About Imexpart Ltd

Independent distributor of automotive parts Imexpart knows how to deliver when it comes to keeping staff happy. Employees believe the Castleford company really tries to help them, earning the firm a top score of 94% in our survey.

Founded in 1986, Imexpart has grown from serving a handful of customers to more than 6,000 today. Staff feel proud to work for it (84%) and would recommend working there (90%). To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Yorkshire firm hired a Lake District cottage for a year and invited all staff to spend a week there with their families.

People feel the organisation acknowledges the value of their contribution (81%) and are excited about where it is going (82%).

Imexpart recognises that with 26 job roles (from warehouse staff to marketing specialists) working across four sites it could be difficult to meet the training needs of all employees, and has recruited human resources specialists to make sure that every member of staff is nurtured.

Every team leader and supervisor at the company joined at a lower level and has been promoted, and staff say their job is good for personal development, returning a 78% score.

Questions posted on the company intranet "ask the boss" section get an answer from Arthur Pinkney, the managing director, usually within an hour.

Staff feel inspired by their leader (83%) and say the organisation is run on strong principles (87%).

A benefits package offers everyone the opportunity to enrol in a hospital fund, a noncontributory pension scheme and life insurance. Maternity pay is above the statutory minimum.

Company Statistics

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  • Male to Female ratio:

    88% / 13%


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