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Toby Dutfield was a lively young recruitment consultant who transferred from Imprint's London office to Hong Kong, brightening the lives of a new set of colleagues. Sadly, last year he suddenly passed away and so in his memory the company has set up an annual Toby Dutfield award for the person who makes the biggest contribution to office life.

The award is just one thing that makes Imprint a little different. The recruitment firm, launched in 2001, has grown rapidly through acquisitions and internal expansion to 363 consultants in six different brands. Some people recruit experts for jobs in the Gulf region, others find executives for high salary roles and another strand of the business revolves around financial jobs.

At the diverse London-based company 10% of staff transferred internally in the past year to new roles, and employees say they are excited about where the organisation is going (78%).

Imprint recognises that happy people make better business, and so offers good flexibility for working around family commitments or from home. After two years, people can take a career break or sabbatical of 26 weeks, unpaid, and most staff report that they have not experienced job-related stress in the past year (79%). The workforce has access to e-mail from anywhere, and managers can check their accounts on the go — however, this does mean that many people feel exhausted at the end of every day (the response to this question was only 39% positive).

The firm offers a contributory pension, extra maternity pay of 12 weeks at 25% of salary and two extra fully paid days on top of statutory paternity leave. Returning mothers have a bonus equivalent to three weeks of salary. A flexible benefits system allows staff to boost holiday from their basic 23 days, and incentives include extra days off. Everyone has a salary-dependent allowance and can swap or supplement the core benefits of pension contributions, life assurance and medical insurance. The choices include taking the benefits as cash, subsidised gym membership, a concierge service and dental insurance.

People can feed back their thoughts to Brian Hamill, the chief executive, and the board and questions are answered in full.

There are regular competitions between the eight different offices and staff can be rewarded with annual incentive trips including weekends to Portugal and Switzerland or days out in the UK.

Day-to-day management is strong, and staff say managers are open and honest (80%), care about their job satisfaction (74%) and trust their judgment (78%). There is a fun team atmosphere (84%) and work gives people a buzz (71%), top 30 and top 50 scores respectively. Staff say they love working for Imprint (70%).

The firm has energy-efficient IT systems and is introducing an environmental awareness programme; the company's 53% positive score for protecting the environment ranks it 88th, marginally above its overall ranking.

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