About Intel UK Corp.

Sluggish times have not produced low spirits at the high tech manufacturer Intel. The American owned firm which manufactures 80% of the semi conductors used in the world's PCs has an informal no redundancies policy and has spent £1500 retraining every member of staff whose job has been threatened but who is willing to work in another area of the firm.

Keeping staff loyal with fair handed treatment, generous perks and the chance to take risks and fail is a key concern of Craig Barrett, the chief executive.

Staff welfare is looked after too, with fully paid membership to a fitness centre at the Swindon offices and 50% subsidised meals. Training is excellent and the 'Intel University' offers 5000 courses to be taken in person or via a computer. Movement between departments is encouraged and 10% of staff moved within the firm last year.

There is a strong encouragement for charity work with 75 hours of paid time off and donations matched by the firm. Intel has given every secondary school in the UK a free microscope.

Communication is good and ideas are encouraged from everyone. One member of staff said 'it demands high performance whilst retaining a sense of humanity'.

Intel has a very strong culture that is not for the faint hearted. However, if you have the ability to express your opinion you will do well quickly, whether you are right or wrong.

Company Statistics

  • Annual Sales:

    £1.4 billion

  • Staff Turnover:


  • Sites:


  • Number of Staff:


  • Male to Female ratio:

    No Male Employees

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