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About Invitrogen Ltd

Employees at Invitrogen are given every opportunity to have their say on making the firm a better place to work. There are annual appraisals where objectives are set and regular reviews ensure that targets remain on track. Employees can ask to see a copy of their personal records including copies of previous reviews. Staff can also air employment issues through one-to-ones, department meetings, monthly breakfast meetings with the general manager and at quarterly employee meetings.

Founded in 1987 with its headquarters in California, Invitrogen specialises in life science technologies for disease research and drug development, and conducts business in more than 70 countries.

Management scores highly in our survey with 82% of employees saying that Monette Greenway, the general manager, is full of positive energy; three-quarters have faith in her leadership. Seven out of 10 employees also say that management is honest and open.

Invitrogen is committed to promoting from within and 75% of the current board advanced internally. Most employees feel they can make a difference within the organisation and 82% believe they can make a valuable contribution.

Salaries are not spectacular, and the average operator/technician can expect a salary of £14,953. However, all employees are entitled to profit-related and performance-related pay.

In addition all staff have life assurance, a final salary pension and health insurance, which covers spouse and dependants.

Senior managers are eligible for share options, which are also used to reward other members of staff, of whom 65% currently own Invitrogen shares.

All staff can consider flexible working options such as starting earlier or later to fit in with family schedules.

Three-quarters of staff feel their team is fun to work with and almost eight in 10 say they laugh a lot with colleagues. Social events include a pantomime trip for employees’ children, quiz nights, dress down days, an annual dance and Christmas party.

A variety of services are also available on site including dry cleaning, chiropodist, weight watcher classes as well as financial and legal advice.

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