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My Manager
My Manager
The IPRS Group has always encouraged personal growth and career development and has therefore established this programme to complement their other career-development offerings. There is a qualitative difference between a manager-employee relationship and a mentor-mentee relationship and the mentoring programme is therefore open to all staff within the IPRS Group. Pairings and suitability are assessed and matched accordingly by HR. Psychometric testing was introduced in 2016 for all staff, with the purpose of the testing being to ensure that the company has the right skills and development potential in key roles. An in-house training package is delivered to all Managers within the company that covers a range of subjects, including but not limited to open discussions on management techniques and building Confidence in Management Skills. It is the opinion that all of these initiatives contribute individually to a robust management support package that has received very positive feedback from delegates. Being able to provide managers with direct staff feedback on positives and to discuss areas identified for improvement is a very powerful tool for the IPRS Group. Key Man Risk Tool has been created internally to identify the businesses key man risks, not only at management level but for Managers to be able to highlight key staff who they believe would have a significant impact on the business if they were to leave the organisation. Managers are then supported by HR to proactively manage the risk. As well as this training effectiveness is always monitored and analysed by the Group Training Manager as part of our ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation.
My Team
My Team
'Skype for Business' was rolled out to staff earlier in the year to improve IPRS’s communications channels at all levels across the business. As a result, staff are now able to instant message one another and have a platform to share screens and create Skype meetings. IPRS Group have remote workers all across the UK and the feedback from staff has been tremendous, as it is fundamentally changing the way they work as a team. Staff Bulletins are also cascaded monthly. During the Summer the company host themed barbeques, for example the Olympics (Finance Team) and the Curry Off (HR & IT Teams). In July the theme was ‘Barbieoke’ and the team were invited to play a part in a musical video to raise money for IPRS’s charities of the year. A new staff website called ‘your future’ is being launched to provide staff with a fun site that they can go to for information relating to their health and wellbeing, family, social pages and also anything pinned on the noticeboard.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
IPRS Health was approached by a junior member of staff who manages a local U13’s boys football team. He put forward a proposal for the company to sponsor the team, which was approved and the team shirts now proudly sport the IPRS Health logo at every game. The company are also very pleased that the team are currently top of their league! In September 2016 IPRS Group hosted a Macmillan coffee morning/afternoon for the business park, with all the £361 pounds raised going to Macmillan. IPRS also have plans to offer a present wrapping service during December for the business park, with all funds going to the charities. A 'Disclosure Barring Service' report is undertaken along with a comprehensive risk assessment, with the purpose of identifying specific needs for new employees where appropriate or required. Such needs may be the installation of dragon software to assist with Dyslexia or bespoke chairs for people with severe back conditions, ensuring IPRS staff are cared for and receive any help that they may require. 

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