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About Irwell Valley Housing Association Ltd

Apparently "it's a great feeling to be able to punch the chief executive in a kick boxing session" at Irwell Valley Housing Association. A weekly programme of wellbeing classes, which includes Pilates and massage, emphasises the firm's holistic approach and highlights equality and care for all. In our survey, employees give the company an 81% positive mark for feeling fully involved at work and the same amount believe they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the organisation. Founded in 1972, Irwell Valley provides homes and housing services to more than 25,000 people in Greater Manchester. It offers a higher than average salary and more than 50 benefits. The results speak for themselves; absenteeism is low and staff turnover has fallen to 13%. People would happily recommend working for the company, giving it an 83% positive score. An open-door policy is in place and once a year the chief executive Tom Manion will interview every staff member to refresh their relationship and discuss work — he also undertakes back-to-the-floor days. Senior managers regularly visit residents' properties and spend days with frontline employees. Consequently employees say managers talk openly and honestly with them (79%), that Manion is doing a great job (80%), and that working for the company is good for their personal growth (81%).

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