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My Manager
My Manager
The Leadership Forum marked a significant point in the development of the training for leaders and managers. Prior to this, Team Leaders had an opportunity to build their skill base in a series of seminars based on Steven Covey's '7 Habits'. Leaders, old and new, learned how to establish a business plan, how to fund it, and how to nurture and grow the people they would need to fulfil their vision. Following on from the Forum, and leading into the next Leadership Development series planned for November and beyond, there has been extensive coaching and support happening in the background. Problems and potential road-blocks have been addressed, and managers have been empowered to make their own decisions as to what works best for their people and themselves. Proper leadership, mentoring and coaching skills all go hand in hand to take us into the future. All Managers have access to a full suite of performance and finance reports that allow them to see quickly where things are. The Finance team is quick and thorough in responding to requests for information, and the ability that Managers have to drill down into the performance of each of the members of their teams is a huge asset. Managers meet daily with their people. On the sales floor, the is an open office environment where Managers and Directors sit side-by-side, and 'hot desk' so that they can be where they are needed. The heads of the business units meet with the Directors once a week, the board meets once a month, the whole company meets once a quarter, and everyone in the business knows where everything is up to through regular well-established reports and communications channels.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
It is very unusual for an organisation of this size to have an embedded subject matter expert to work with people at all levels to realise their potential. This represents a significant strategic investment in the future of the company, and sets the standard for what can be achieved in the future. In the role of Director of Training, it is Alastair's responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to the resources, coaching, training and support that they need to be at the top of their game. There are no second prizes in recruitment. If you don't make the placement, one of your competitors has. A good trainer and coach must have a broad range of skills to bring to the table to be able to make an effective difference. The IT Works Group invests a lot of time and money in the development of its people. People value and thrive on the attention they get, and this pays massive dividends for them in a highly competitive and fast-moving business environment. Empowerment to maximise the utility of these resources is the next step. To build on the existing substantial platform, ITWRG are creating a new bespoke Learning Management System. In development now, all employees will be able to access relevant, sophisticated learning materials, 24/7. Their learning will be in their hands. Audio, video, documents and processes, it will all be there.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Although not unique, The IT Works Resource Group’s commission scheme for all Recruitment Managers and Consultants is very effective in incentivising their performance. A good Recruitment Consultant, after several successful years on the job, can easily match the kind of money that established professionals earn. Regardless of background or education, it is possible for anyone with the right attitude and work ethic to do very well. This is why they have specifically created opportunities for people with the right track record of achievement to be able to set up their own business unit within the Group. This gives them the ability to gain equity and a share of the profits. It also gives them the right to share significantly more in the event of a future major financial transaction taking place.

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