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Software systems company DST International knows the value of logging on to the views of its employees.

After a recent staff survey the firm spent £750,000 on refurbishment, with colour schemes, new lighting, doors, carpets and furnishings all based on employee opinions.

Add that to a competitive salary, a good range of benefits and an environment in which they want to work, and you have a formula for success.

DST’s products are mainly sold to banks and investment companies looking for a system that can manage complex investment and asset management information. Clients include Merrill Lynch, Norwich Union and Toshiba. Its UK base is Surbiton, Surrey, where it has almost 700 employees.

The company is good at keeping employees informed by using regular electronic bulletins, workshops and company meetings. Staff are appreciative and 81% say that Mike Winn, chief executive, is full of positive energy and 74% feel that management is open and honest with them.

There are appraisals three months after joining and then annually, and the firm spends £750,000 a year on training.

An analyst programmer can expect a salary of £29,500 and DST’s flexible nature

extends to its benefits scheme where £800 per annum is allocated to each employee. This can be used for things such as health screening, dental insurance, health club membership and childcare or retail vouchers.

Employees can expect performance-related pay ranging from £375 to £12,600 and all have free life insurance. They are also made to feel appreciated: gifts are handed out for exceptional performance, flowers are sent on the birth of a child and champagne for weddings. There are social events throughout the year including magic evenings and parties in the summer and at Christmas. On-site services include dry cleaning, currency ordering, local discounts, financial advice, workplace counselling and legal advice.

All this back-slapping seems to boost morale: 75% feel they can make a difference within the organisation, 71% are excited about where the organisation is going and 80% feel they have made a valuable contribution to the company’s success.

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