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About Wessanen UK

What is it like to work for Wessanen UK

The management team at Wessanen UK recognise their responsibility to lead by example, aligning their behaviours and way of working with the company values. Trust is a ‘given’. The management team speak openly, honestly and directly even when the message is difficult; sharing ideas and information at the earliest opportunity; being inclusive and entrusting people with confidentiality. Wessanen UK aim to create an environment for break-through thinking, where people restlessly look for innovative thinking and approaches, seeking out new things; building on ideas; encouraging individuals to put forward new concepts and viewpoints. The company ask direct, challenging questions: encourage curiosity; inspire active participation and they like everyone to question the status quo. Everyone is treated as a unique person. Wessanen UK remember key events (birthday, anniversaries, holidays); people’s families and holidays are considerate and the company are flexible about unique needs or circumstances, they provide help and support and listen to and respect what is said. Wessanen UK ensure they give timely recognition from a sincere ‘thank you’ to public recognition and awards. The company feel their role is to inspire and motivate everyone to meet challenges head on and to succeed – to be the best they can. Whatever their role, they develop an in-depth knowledge of their internal and external customers so that they can speak with sincerity. The company treat their suppliers as trusted business partners working in mutual collaboration; setting and meeting high expectations, while being swift to respond to questions. Every day Wessanen UK talk proudly about their products, their quality, as well their company’s sustainability credentials.
At Wessanen UK, as well as the yoga, meditation and on-site massages, through the ‘We Inspire Brand’ the company gives employees access to a range of resources to support wellbeing - aligning with the company values. Expert nutritionists and the WWF have given presentations on healthy eating at the company’s Organic Days; their Occupational Health provider has given tailor-made 1:1 advice (BMI, sleep quality, stress reduction techniques) as well as giving a rousing presentation on Summer Sun. With the company’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions, they encourage cycling to work through their Cycle to Work Scheme: employees can access on-line health information portals from the company’s EAP provider and through Salary Extras there is discounted gym membership. Wessanen UK hold an annual sports day in Beaminster and they are in the process of installing a mini-gym which has been requested after a fabulous response to a mini-triathlon event where individuals competed against each other using three different pieces of cardio equipment. Whenever the company have meetings during lunch, delicious, nutritious and organic lunches are provided and their Veggie Thursday’s raises awareness of the benefits of eating less red meat and eating more vegetarian meals. Wessanen UK have installed air-cooling in the production packing hall and in times of exceptionally hot weather, they increase the number of breaks per day and also provide fruit sorbets and ice-lollies to all. The company also provide access to 24/7 counselling and bereavement support and the pool table gives everyone permission to take time out from the daily pressures, returning to their desks refreshed.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Wessanen UK encourage everyone at their Beaminster and Camberley sites to take part in our local community. At both locations the company have developed strong links with local schools. With Hawley Primary School, (Camberley), Wessanen UK link in with the school curriculum to run a variety of interactive classes for up to 90 children, teaching them about the importance of nutrition and where different foods come from and what they look like. The class where they learnt and tasted the difference between cow, soya, rice and almond milk was hugely successful! At Beaminster, the company regularly visit local schools and colleges to excite pupils about the world of food manufacturing, talking to them about what we do, the roles and types of careers available. Wessanen UK also take part in IGD’s (a food and consumer goods-focused research and training charity) annual “Feeding Britain’s Future” initiative, helping 16-24 year olds to find careers in food production. Other community initiatives include supporting local farmers by buying fruit for the offices, and taking part in local fairs. Wessanen UK respond to a wide range of requests and fund-raising activities, including the Bridport First Responder Unit, Scouts, and Cancer Research UK - our Company Charity 2015. The company’s community reach extends beyond the UK. As a Fairtrade company they support charities work across the world; in particular on tea estates from where the company’s raw materials are sourced. Wessanen UK are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) accredited and they support three CarbonNeutral projects in Madagascar, India and Brazil, sharing regular updates with employees.

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