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My Manager
They offer a variety of learning support for their managers and this can range from informal on job shadowing to formal secondment opportunities so the employees can put themselves in real situations. New for 2016 was the introduction of the e-learning programme which was created to allow their line managers to manage and focus attention on their people management skills in their own time, without disrupting other business or client priorities which also form a part of their roles in the business. The e-learning programme now hosts over 30% of their courses. They strongly believe that managers are the key to employee engagement. A third of the population are line managers and as such in 2014 Kantar committed to transforming their role in business through the introduction of their three Line Manager Principles of Leads, Motivates and Cares and the Ten Behaviours. Colleagues are now only promoted or moved to “people management” roles once they have demonstrated their ability against these line manager principles, and this forms a part of the decision-making process during assessments. Learning gaps and needs are also identified in advance of an employee moving into a “people management” role. They are provided with the necessary support through job shadowing, coaching, classroom learning and the e-learning programme, which is then monitored and measured during the mid and annual performance review process. The annual employee survey results provide Kantar with a good measure of their line managers’ performance both as a business and at department or team level. The data also provides Kantar with rich information about which teams and department need special attention and where the gaps are, so that they are able to improve and influence employees' experience of and engagement with the business.
The nature of their business as an agency means that sometimes clients do put pressure on their employees. It is their priority to ensure employees maintain a health work life balance and as such they continuously invest in the wellbeing programme that was introduced in 2013. Kantar’s wellbeing mission is to support people in seven key areas: financial, physical, mind, social, environment, ethical and spiritual. The latest enhancement to their wellbeing portfolio saw the introduction of free on-site weekly yoga classes, on-site massages, smoothie making classes and physiotherapy sessions. Kantar also continuously market the programme to ensure it is in front of mind for employees and managers alike. As mentioned above they have a comprehensive wellbeing programme which has been put in place to ease workplace stress. Each employee is unique and as such the business has a flexible approach and an open mind when it comes to dealing with a stressed employee. This approach is only possible because of the trust culture that is advocated by the senior management. The majority of their managers have attended a mental wellbeing programme run by the charity Mind which helps them identify any factors that may cause stress to Kantar employees and tips on how to support or manage it. The business also has a strong partnership with their private insurance provider, occupational health practitioner and an EAP service to support all employees should they need specialist help. This partnership allows them to provide prompt and personalised support to Kantar employees.
My Team
My Team
Kantar have personalised their approach to team building and trust their colleagues to choose the format best suited to their team, department or peer group. Last year, they organised a variety of formal and informal activities to improve team dynamics - such as a charity walk to central London from their Hanger Lane office which saw over 50 employees take part. In 2016 the Kantar Group wanted to accelerate the rate at which all operating brands people, including Kantar Worldpanel, were interacting and working together. Bringing their people and brands closer together is called the Kantar First programme. This programme was supported by a Kantar First day which was held on 8 September, and was the first of its kind for their business. Held at Printworks in London Docklands, 2,730 employees from across 14 Kantar brands came together in one place. The goal was to showcase the brands to all employees, shout about success, and make new connections. Over 30 Worldpanel staff volunteered for their stand, using an interactive quiz to spark conversations with colleagues about what they do and how they can work together for the benefit of their clients. Lunch was served from a variety of street food vans, and the work part of the day was followed up with casual drinks for all in the autumn sunshine. Attendees reported the day as both great fun and highly informative, and increasing their sense of belonging to the Kantar Group.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

  • Gym

    companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or offering subsidised gym membership for all employees

  • Maternity

    At least 10 weeks’ full pay or generous alternative

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

  • Shares

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

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