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Love Baked In is how the company  describe the values of their  business. All of the senior leadership team attended workshops to help create and shape this value statement for the business and it is part of their JD. They are also assessed and evaluated by the CEO on the basis of this value of Love Baked In There are 5 key ingredients to Love Baked In The Taste of Devotion; This is going the extra mile. The senior managers do whatever it takes to fulfill the companies mission The Feeling Of Craft : This is about the attention to detail .An example would be that each manager creates a weekly trading report analysing key metrics around the performance of their area of the business. The Desire to Share The value here is generosity . So generous with their time ,managers hold weekly/monthly one to one's and build strong relationships with their team. The Telling Of Stories: Creativity and playfulness Senior management talk about the values at the start of their team meetings and get their team to focus on great examples. The Appetite to Return: The company  want to create family members not just team members so senior managers care for their team as people not just workers !
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
The CEO is funded to be part of a CEO network called VISTAGE. Here he gets one to one coaching , he also is part of a group of CEO peers from whom he gets support and advice . This year a 6 part leadership training course was funded by Growth Accelerator which all managers in the business were able to attend . It was designed to suit K & C needs and included sessions on the knowing/doing/being of leadership, emotional Intelligence, influencing skills, situational leadership, managing performance - delegation skills, feedback skills, coaching skills, & appraisal skills. All K & C team members are eligible to attend for free our Cake School. Here they can learn more about how our cakes are made and are taught basic decorating and baking skills. It's a great team building and development resource that they have available in house.
My Team
My Team
At the beginning of all team meetings at every level, each attendee, shares what has brought them joy over the past week. Or they may choose to focus on a company value and people can share examples of where they have seen a good example of behaviour around this value . It often really transforms the atmosphere at the start of the meeting and creates a positive energy . The company  have also created a monthly newsletter called The Cake that goes to all team members. This is backed up by a daily communication called The Slice which also goes out to all team members . It's printed out by managers and discussed in shop /production meetings every day . They also have a company team Facebook page for team members to communicate with each other.

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