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Staff at Landround do not suffer from job wanderlust. The company may promote trips to exotic and far-flung places, but the employees have their feet firmly on the ground.

If you see a token on a detergent packet that entitles you to a discounted holiday, the chances are that the Chester-based Landround, the brainchild of Mike Crompton, is behind it.

Crompton’s entrepreneurial spirit permeates the company, and 89% of staff are excited about where the firm is going, the second highest result for this question among small companies.

Landround is also a frontrunner in our wellbeing category, thanks to a range of work patterns including job sharing, flexible hours and working from home. Almost four out of five employees say they are happy with their work-life balance, and just 16% say they are under too much pressure to concentrate — both top three scores.

Social events are well budgeted for at £383 a head per year, and birthdays are celebrated with champagne and chocolates.

Employees feel supported and trusted by their managers, and only 27% do not find their work stimulating. Some 85% say their manager trusts their judgment and 80% that their manager cares about them as an individual.

The youthful nature of the staff has a lot to do with Crompton. Having left school at 15, he is keen to offer 16-year-olds every opportunity, and supplies all the training they need for a role in the company.

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