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My Manager
My Manager
LHi Group have a leadership talent development course run externally on a yearly basis. Current and future Leaders are invited onto the course, which is a series of group workshops held over a six-month period and embedded with coaching sessions held by The Head of People, The Trainer and the individual Directors. What makes LHi Group coaching different is that it is strategic and supported coaching. The external trainer meets with the employee and their Manager in the first session, discuss the individual's development opportunities in line with their personal goals and create a coaching plan around this. Then over a structured six-month programme the individual is provided with specific coaching and results measured accordingly with the Manager brought into the last session to critically examine the success of the sessions and determine next steps. A Managers performance in the business is measured on their ability to develop people in their teams, alongside of course financial performance of their them and their teams. Monthly performance review processes and bi-annual appraisal processes are strictly adhered to, with individual performances and personal development areas highlighted and worked on throughout. 360 reviews are also embedded in LHi’s development culture, with all Leaders appraised by the business on a yearly basis. As this is an anonymous process, individuals feel comfortable delivering positive and constructive feedback. This feedback is further used alongside performance based information to define individual goals.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
By offering consultants the LHi passport for length of service (a week spent in one of their other offices) the company offer not only professional development and opportunity to learn new skills but also the opportunity for an individual to experience new cultures and lifestyles. Each Wednesday they host a series of Wednesday Wisdom sessions, which are sessions run by either Consultants, Managers, Directors, Trainer or external business to deliver a piece of training that can be on anything from work related 'how to' to transferable session on people perception or body language etc. Running these consistently every week, LHi find that they are able to cater for all individuals needs within the business. They believe part of their employee development is also the offering of a work/life balance, especially to those with children or regular commitments outside of work. The internal recruiter had a year off to go travelling and they created a role up return. For client facing members of staff, LHi actively encourage them to host their own market-based events, thereby allowing them to gain real skills in networking and public speaking as well as coordinating events and developing outside of the usual day to day. LHi offer supported outside learning opportunities, which the whole finance department have taken up. The team are all currently studying for a qualification that enhances their personal and career development and are supported by LHi gifting days off for study and exams, as well as paying for the courses.
My Company
My Company
LHi Group’s primary purpose is evident everywhere in their three locations. Every brand sit on one floor together, but each is visually represented by branded signs and different collateral, including the operational centre of excellence for LHi. The core values are incorporated into the logo and are therefore laid out on every piece of collateral, piece of merchandise and every piece of office décor. As you walk in to the office floor there is a giant mural on the lobby wall which displays ‘International, Innovation & Inclusion’. To communicate LHi's value ‘International’ they have a live link up screen to all the offices. For ‘Innovation’ they hold regular innovation meetings and award an innovation champion to the person whose ideas are implemented and best received. To illustrate ‘Inclusion’ they run all company incentives and competitions and showcase all of their brands and locations in the internal comms and newsletter, the LHi Times. Their motto ‘Choose To Be Different’ is widely used across their social media, offering a unique identity to their employer brand. It encapsulates their internal and diverse culture. LHi use ‘#choosetobedifferent’ everywhere and even have a huge painted blackboard which displays 'What makes you different? #choosetobedifferent'. They also encourage staff to write on the board, expressing what it is that makes them unique. LHi Group hope, by trying to spread the Choose To Be Different motto, that they are showing their employees that being unique and thinking outside the box are qualities the company celebrate and embrace.

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