Lewis Silkin LLP

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Commercial Law Firm

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5 Chancery Lane, Clifford's inn, London, EC4A 1BL

Our Mission/Vision

Mission: To thrive as a specialist professional services group working in a complex and dynamic economy building our business focus, expertise, innovation and people. Vision: To be the leading legal and related services firm in the UK.

Company Information

FROM THE BOTTOM rung of the career ladder at this commercial law practice, staff have only to look up at the chief executive to see how to climb. Ian Jeffery started as a trainee solicitor at Lewis Silkin 26 years ago and has led the business, based in London, for 11 years.

Like many commercial law firms, it recruits trainees two years before their start date and pays for their final training. They can look forward to rich opportunities at the company, which has offices in Oxford, Cardiff and Hong Kong, and generous rewards, too. Employees score the practice’s Fair Deal factor 65% positive.

An associate makes on average £74,659 and all 342 staff can earn performance-based and Christmas bonuses, as well as a new monthly award for good collaboration across the firm. People believe their pay is fair for their job responsibilities (64%) and compared with those working for similar companies (64%).

Profit is not the only driving force at Lewis Silkin (67%). Staff say it has a strong social conscience (83%), giving free legal advice via an employment advice clinic and backing projects to help homeless people in London and Oxford.

To reduce stress, staff are encouraged to offload concerns at emotional support sessions, join yoga or meditation groups and take advantage of a subsidised gym. Employees are content with their work/life balance and they don’t feel under too much pressure to perform well (both 67%).


Company Statistics

  • 10%

    Staff Turnover

  • 1951


  • 3

    UK sites

  • 342


  • 39% / 61%

    Male : Female

  • 40

    Average Age

  • 76%

    Earning £35,000+

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  • Sunday Times List 2016


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