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Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Each Local Care Force office actively look to support their community and the people that they work with. As many of their customers are charities they regularly work with their fundraising teams and are actively involved in numerous money-raising events. Every employee takes part in days like Jeans for Genes, Alzheimer’s Day and many others and, in addition to numerous 10k & 5k runs/walks, they have been involved in the following activities in the last 12 months. One of their team went to Kenya to help build a school and Local Care Force donated clothing, stationary and raised money. The Sales Director did the London Marathon to fund a kitchen build for Together for Mental Wellbeing and will be doing another Marathon this year! They got hands-on to help a service user (a person they support in the community) recreate their garden. In 2016 16 of the Local Care Force team completed Total Warrior event for Hospitallier St John of God. They held a Christmas afternoon tea for their Nurses, with the president of the Royal college of Nursing in attendance to raise money for her charity but also for the Leeds flood damage. A team of Managers did a night rave-run. More recently, the company have supported an ex-employee to raise money for a family member who needs rare cancer treatment in Germany. Finally, in 2017 25 of the team have booked to do the tougher Lake District Total Warrior course, 8 to do Leeds Total Warrior, 3 to do tough mudder all for charity and 10 doing Gung ho for Love hope Trust.
My Company
My Company
There are no private offices at Local Care Force; their vision being that they are one big family, friends not colleagues and that it is a relaxed and happy at work. The Directors and Team Leaders sit with their staff, which means the company values are reflected daily in the way they communicate and the way they speak to one another – respectfully, honestly, with consideration and (importantly) with a sense of humour. In the same vein the companies vision isn’t communicated through emails and reports but face-to face – offering the opportunity for staff to respond directly and contribute in personal sessions. Even the sales figures and targets are set by the employees themselves in collaborative meetings with the Sales Director. Feedback is regularly requested in the form of anonymous surveys, brainstorming sessions and in group meetings so the company can constantly improve and come up with fresh ideas. With fully paid nights out for every team/department twice a year and numerous social activities this sense of comradery and team spirit very much continues outside of the office too. The annual team building day is a great example of this. Every summer the offices get together for a team building day/night, where the staff collectively work to complete challenges and in the evening everyone camps out together. Teams are created and each is responsible for a different part of the day – food, bar, music etc. This means the entire work force is responsible for the success of the event! The staff talk about the weekend all year round and extreme efforts are made e.g. the bar team made an actual bar with menus, lights and optics right in the middle of the woods!
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Local Care Force constantly look to motivate their employees – the vision is that everyone looks forward to coming to work! They appreciate their team, thank them when they work late and continually express their gratitude and appreciation. They have a shift pattern to help avoid rush hour, help with child care and allow staff to go to the gym. A number of incentives run throughout the year, including activities to incentivise those who aren't targeted or on bonuses. Innovative Incentives for the administration team are taken just as seriously. A recent example is Bingo cards with customer-service related tasks to complete for prizes like luxury hotel stays, bar tabs, a parking pass and team meals out. There are often days dedicated to a given task like quality assurance or new business, where the team are given a week to plan, with prizes worth making a serious effort for, including recently an all-expenses paid holiday to Barcelona! The eventual winner of the holiday to Barcelona took a colleague with him to help celebrate his success, a real testament to Local Care Force’s ethos of being friends and not just colleagues. The Management Team are dedicated to praising those who work hard, when a record or target is hit or someone simply goes over and above. The Management Team reward their entire team with a paid lunch or a meal after work to promote morale and strong relationships. Any praise is also emailed company wide, with the team positively commenting each time.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

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    At least 40% of senior managers are women

  • Development

    Companies who provide support for non-work related training

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