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"A serious approach to their work doesn't mean staff at Longbridge International recruitment consultancy don't feel able to have fun and enjoy themselves.

According to our survey, nine out of 10 say they laugh a lot with colleagues, 88% say their teams are fun to work with and 80% say that working with colleagues gives them a buzz. Socially, the firm is generous, spending about £20,000 annually on events, averaging at £384 per head. Get-togethers include a Christmas party, industry award ceremonies, spontaneous drinks and recognising anniversaries. Managers at the firm, founded in 1989, promote a culture of support by offering on-the-job coaching and development to all employees. Management is also accessible, working alongside staff members in the firm's open-plan office. Staff regularly socialise with the managing director Frank Varela at award ceremonies and out-of-office events. The management's involvement in supporting employees' growth is appreciated: 86% of staff say their managers trust their judgment, 82% feel that he or she cares for them as an individual and 81% have faith in the person leading the organisation. Communication is strong. There are monthly formal team meetings and when new initiatives are presented they are discussed and agreed collectively. Almost 89% of staff believe they make a valuable contribution to the success of the company, 88% feel they make a difference within the firm (the fifth- and fourth-highest scores for these questions in all 100 best SMEs) and 82% are proud to work for it.


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