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A chief executive who takes his turn on reception during lunch breaks, doesn’t mind making the tea and even clears up the kitchen illustrates perfectly why Major Players is an exceptional place to work.

Staff in our survey voted their company into the top three scores in 48 out of 65 questions, and it is the best small company to work for in Britain. A high 86% of employees say they love working for the company and 61% say it is their dream job.

Established in 1992 by the chief executive, Jack Gratton, Major Players is a recruitment company for the design and marketing services industries. About 70% of the staff have themselves been recruited from the client side, to ensure that they can “talk the talk”.

The office is as trendy as its Covent Garden location. The reception has rich purple sofas, a cactus plant and scrapbooks containing thank you cards from clients, press cuttings and company information. Silver power cables hang down from the ceiling to each desk, almost as if they are plugging employees straight into the Major Players “Matrix”, and a fish tank doubles as a coffee table in the central meeting area.

Candidate interviews take place in four themed rooms, which were designed by employees. There is a garden room with artificial flowers, fence and kite; a 1960s room with a “Twister” rug and black plastic seats; a website room and a Pollock room inspired by the American painter Jackson Pollock.

The vibrant environment is a reflection of the strong team spirit where staff express confidence in each other’s abilities (90%) and go out of their way to help one another (agree 87%). “I trust everybody here,” says Rachel Gott, a senior consultant. “They are all really good at what they do.”

Most of the 56 employees say there is a strong family feel (90%) and that working with their team gives them a buzz (85%). “Everybody is here to help each other out. They’re not in it for themselves,” says Nish Lad, a consultant.

The chief executive is held in high regard by many of his staff. “He’s a character,” says Jo Strang, a team leader. “He has a zest for life which spills over into our work environment.” More than four in five of her colleagues agree that Gratton inspires them; 89% think he is full of positive energy.

The 12-year history of Major Players can be found on the walls of the boardroom, where the company timeline graphically illustrates its big events and successes. And smiling up from the boardroom table are black-and-white snaps of employees enjoying themselves at company socials.

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