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About Bionic

Bionic Group's history goes back to 2007, when Jonathan Elliot founded a business called 'Make It Cheaper', because he realised that many small business customers were paying too much for their energy.

MIC grew quickly to become the UK's leading comparison service for SMEs. They did this by partnering with big price comparison website brands to provide their business energy switching service. They pioneered auto-switching through delegated authority, helping their customers save year after year. Behind the scenes their team focused on developing an amazing culture and on constant optimisation of their operation, both designed to give customers a better experience.

In recent years they've transformed to become a digital business, investing heavily in talent and a new tech platform whilst developing unique 'hybrid' web and voice customer journeys. They have also expanded their products, now offering all the 'business essentials' that SMEs need, helping them find the right business insurance, connectivity and finance as well as energy.

This year they rebranded as Bionic, the first real brand in the SME services market and employees are all now driven by the idea of helping any SME to 'be a Bionic business'.

Bionic Group is an amazing workplace because they are genuinely one team, driven by something bigger than any one of them, this energy and passion can be felt in their offices. They won’t settle for OK, they set the highest standards and show up every day to be the best version of themselves.

What is it like to work for Bionic

My Manager
My Manager
Bionic Group have five clear ways that they measure the effectiveness of their managers.

1) Driving Business Results. They have a balanced score card approach which is central to how they focus their efforts & measure their success. It enables them to pull together as one team and align to common goals. They hold operational dashboards to review performance against these KPIs.

2) Employee Engagement Surveys to measure team player motivation and engagement. Those leaders with engagement results lower than the company average have a high support from their people and culture team to support them on improving their results through focused action plans.

3) Turnover rates are measured on an annual and monthly basis and shared with their Exec Team and Investors. Working groups are created with a number of leaders if they see spikes in churn. Glassdoor reviews of job candidates and leavers is also monitored and reported monthly and assessed against turnover rates and exit interview data.

4) 360 Feedback is used for their talent programme. This enables their leaders to get feed-back from their manager, peers, team members and stakeholders. Each leader has a detailed feedback session from an experienced external coach to enable them to devise a Personal Development Plan.

5) Performance Management system. Their managers performance is measured by performance and potential. Every 4 months, every Exec leader presents the talent ratings for their overall teams which is calibrated across Bionic Group. This allows each Exec member to provide performance feedback of individuals to support their development.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. Their development is focused on developing expertise in the pursuit of getting better every day. This is a way of life in Bionic. They pride themselves on the fact that 58% of our leaders have been promoted internally.
A strong contributor to their success of leaders and teamwork, is their Year of the Coach and Year of the TL programme that’s run internally by their leaders. This is a chance for team players to work towards a leadership role. In 2019, 35 players have attended the programs with 25% of these being promoted since. The YOTL attendees have bi-weekly workshops and in role training to enhance their leadership skills including how to forecast budgets and driving performance through others. 

Their Team Leaders then deliver the YOTC programme, for those team players who have the desire to coach their colleagues and progress into leadership roles in the future. This involves learning how to lead a buzz session, inspiring and motivating the team and how to conduct quality 121s to get the best from their colleagues. Not only does this programme provide their aspiring leaders with the skills they need it also gives their TLs great experience in designing and delivering training courses. By the end of the training, their TL’s and Coaches all have a detailed Personal Development Plan including the next step in their career and how they achieve this.
My Team
My Team
On the first Friday of every month, Bionic Group's CEO hosts a “monthly launch” in their breakout area for the whole team. Everyone arrives for an 8:30am kick-off, filling themselves up with a hot breakfast and coffee beforehand. The plan for the month ahead is then shared with the group in anticipation of its launch a couple of days later. The launches are an opportunity to motivate, engage and inspire their people every month with key leaders from the business presenting. It's a 30-minute, motivational discussion where they share critical information like: 
· Their Group Results (insight for future bonus payments) 
· Where are they winning and an honest appraisal of where they need to improve performance in the upcoming month 
· Progress against their strategy
· How they win together across the next month 
· Recognition for those who have achieved something truly amazing

Celebrating success and ensuring each and every team member understands their vision going forward is pivotal to their future. Following the launch, all the team leaders hold team meetings to answer any questions and discuss how they will contribute to the month ahead. These are followed by daily huddles. In addition to launches, they conduct bi-monthly product previews to showcase the future developments of their digital transformation before they go live. Transparency and communication across teams and departments enables questions to be asked and opinions to be shared so that every team member can make suggestions before the product is launched.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 40% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Gym

    Companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or subsidised gym membership for all employees

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Companies offering private health insurance for all employees

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

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