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Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Aside from the appraisal process at Malcolm Hollis, employees have monthly management meetings with line managers allowing them to identify potential and to make sure that training and experience is provided to enable development. All employees have access to criteria set out for promotion to the next level and are actively encouraged to work on those criteria with their managers. Feedback and meeting notes are passed to HR to action training requests and/or monitor development of individuals from a company-wide perspective.
My Company
My Company
Malcolm Hollis want all of their employees to be confident and comfortable and to raise, ask a question or voice a concern. Malcolm Hollis understand that speaking up can be daunting for some, which is the reason they have an initiative called ‘AskJohn’, a confidential system allowing them to anonymously pose your questions by email. The responses to these are published to all staff with the identity of the person asking the question remaining anonymous. Their open plan seating arrangements with senior members of staff seated alongside more junior members also naturally promotes ideas and feedback as do regular team and manager meetings across departments.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
On payday each month, all offices stop work (provided no urgent work for clients is left unactioned) at 4.30pm to have drinks in the office as a thank you and ‘wind down’ to the month. The drinks are provided by the company and are usually held in the office, however in the summer we often arrange to take drinks to the park to play softball or some other team activity. Malcolm Hollis also have a quarterly lunch in each office, paid for by the company and give staff their birthday off work, in addition to their allocated annual leave entitlement.

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    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

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