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    Digitally ntegrated Marketing
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    London, South East
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    • St Martin’s Courtyard, 11 Slingsby Place, London, WC2E 9AB

About MBA

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My Manager
My Manager
MBA have begun to share the business performance index in order to update employees on new business on a regular basis. They have also been increasingly encourage staff across the business to share their work in Monday assembly. MBA have continued to introduce more social activities, with a dedicated social budget throughout the year.  They introduced Slack so people can share amongst each other and socially connect.  They have decided to give staff a day off after the Christmas party to give back to them.
My Team
My Team
MBA created #MBAgoodtimes to help build really positive relationships internally and to ensure that their agency is a really fun place to work. Initiatives include: - Friday nominations: They select someone who has done a particularly good job that week, a new starter, or someone celebrating a milestone to choose the lunch time pub destination and Friday afternoon Spotify theme. They go to a different pub every Friday so they are making the most of the amazing location of their office, And everyone suggests their songs that go with the Spotify theme which are played from 5pm. - Monday work out sessions: Over summer they had a boot camp every Tuesday night. To keep everyone fit and healthy! - Summer Party: The London and Brighton agency teams donned their finest nautical dress-up gear and they were on a boat for the afternoon cruising around Brighton. And this was followed up with a BBQ on the beach in the evening. Lots of fun in the sun. - Beer pong: They are the proud owners of some beer pong tables that get a serious work out. Competition is tough – people take their beer pong very seriously at MBA.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Contributions and promotions are announced in MBA's monthly agency meetings.  Hard work and agency successes are celebrated on a Friday evening with free drinks.  Senior employees are incentivised through profit related pay.

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