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About MD Insurance Services Ltd.

There are no cracks in this solid company, which provides insurance policies for newly-built homes and offices. MD Insurance Services — Premier Guarantee is based in Wirral, with five other sites and 76 employees.

Staff say the firm gives them a fair deal (with a 74% positive score for questions on this subject). More than a third of employees earn more than £35,000 a year and holiday increases from 23 to 28 days after five years of service (a third of staff are well on the way to this, after at least three years with the underwriting agency).

Everyone has health insurance, including their families. There is performance-related pay, critical illness and life assurance cover, and most people have profit-related pay, too, in the owner-managed firm. After six months they can join the contributory pension, in which employees put in a typical 6.5% of salary to the company’s 11.5%. Some people work from home, or do reduced or school hours, and are provided with laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras.

Staff are happy with pay and benefits (79%), feel pay is fair for their responsibilities (74%), and say financial concerns are not the only things driving the firm (79%).

Gary Devaney, chairman and managing director for 10 years, is approachable, highly regarded by employees and runs the firm on sound principles (85%).

People say working here is good for their personal growth (86%) and are excited about where the organisation is going (85%). Everyone has an individual development plan, while the firm arranges work shadowing, mentoring and coaching to help them develop. There are off-site courses for management as well as on-the-job coaching for new staff. The firm has its own series of inhouse training courses on insurance principles, regulations and products available.

Meanwhile, for a bit of fun, the company organises an annual awayday, together with events such as a Christmas party, 10th birthday celebration, team days, recognition dinners and barbecues. MD Insurance Services thinks of others, too, sponsoring a local rugby club, making charitable donations and recycling office supplies.

What is it like to work for MD Insurance Services Ltd.

MD Insurance develop their managers through mentoring and coaching feedback sessions as a group and 1 to 1, as well as open forums and ideas input meetings.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
MD Insurance have individual development plans identifiying needs and desires for employees. Developmental and technical training is also given. Topical training is provided by individuals through coaching/mentoring and work shadowing.
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Fair Deal
Fair Deal
MD insurance provide a monetary company bonus based on individual performance. Marks and Spencers vouchers are also provided and many team events are held.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    10% of staff undertake charitable activities during business hours

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

Company Statistics

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  • Male : Female:

    63% / 37%

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  • Graduate Vacancy Locations:

    Jobs that would require a degree include: - HR - Surveyors - Finance A high number of the staff we recruit have degrees (eg. Surveyors, IT, Finance, HR, Projects, etc.) but in view of our size we have not yet developed a formal Graduate Recruitment Programme and may look to do so in the future.


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