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Merrill Lynch may operate in money markets around the world but it knows that its UK staff appreciate support closer to home. The investment bank offers a range of family-friendly initiatives and flexible working patterns so it is not surprising that employees give the company the fourth highest score (48% positive) for providing dream jobs. Almost one in three full-time staff at Merrill Lynch are women and the firm says that retaining this female talent is critical. This is reflected in the fact there are nine times more women working part-time than men.

Maternity and paternity pay are above the statutory rate, and staff who are adopting a child have the same rights as pregnant employees. New mums can stay at home for six months, safe in the knowledge that their bonus is protected for this period. On-site pregnancy yoga and group maternity coaching sessions are also available at the head office in London. Strong communication helps staff to feel part of the company. Employees have direct access to senior management at quarterly "town hall" meetings, with local senior managers and global heads taking part in a question and answer session after a business update. Staff also give feedback to senior leaders at regular employee forums and at informal lunches, where they can express their views. Employees say the company takes every opportunity to help them feel fully involved at work (73%). They are confident in the leadership skills of senior managers (72%), and they feel they can make a difference to the organisation (71%). Staff also believe they can make a valuable contribution to the firm's success, with a 74% score, and are excited about its future (72%), both top 10 rankings.

Bob Wigley is Merrill Lynch's chairman of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and staff say they have faith in him (70%). Wigley has been in the role for two years, having worked for the firm for 10. Employees say he runs the organisation on sound moral principles, returning a 71% positive score. They are also proud to work for Merrill Lynch (a 76% result).

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