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WE DON’T WORK from home, we bring home to work, say Rachel Clacher and Ed Reeves, the sibling founders of this Wrexham-based telephone answering service. Ranked fourth in our list of mid-size companies, the business has been built on family values since they set it up in 2000.

Moneypenny handles clients’ calls for more than 8,000 businesses from offices in north Wales, New Zealand and America. A mobile phone answering service was introduced this year and further expansion is planned to respond to clients’ emails and social media.

The 472-strong, female-dominated workforce was consulted in the design of a new office. Opened last September, the £15m building features an onsite pub that hosts surprise parties, quizzes and table-tennis tournaments. Honeycomb desk layouts also encourage interaction between staff.

Employees agree their team is fun to work with (a 91% positive score, ranked fourth) and that people go out of their way to help each other (89%, fourth), contributing to the firm’s fourth-place ranking for My Team overall (86%).

The Moneypenny Foundation, run by Clacher, has already helped 21 young, jobless women move to full-time employment or education by offering training opportunities. Employees say the firm encourages charitable activities (92%, ninth) and the business ranks fifth in our survey for Giving Something Back (82%).


What is it like to work for Moneypenny

As the organisation has increased over the years, the culture and ethos of Moneypenny is still very much the same - a family business based on family values. All of the Senior Management Team live and breathe this culture. The new building really is a huge contributor and a sentiment to the values they live by at Moneypenny. They truly believe that business benefits from friendship, which removes hierarchy and creates an environment that supports sharing. They firmly believe in being open and creating honest working relationships. Senior Management are committed to this with regular ‘Hello’ sessions at desks and gathering small groups around different departments for general catch ups. Although the company has grown and is continuing to do so, the style of communication they adopt is still as intimate as when they were only a very small team. Leaders are always visible, even when they’re in their offices, and the conscious decision of using all glass means staff are encouraged to pop in for a chat. ‘The Middle’ or central meeting area often means Leaders will go for a chat over lunch with employees. It is not uncommon for Ed to bring in his dog to roam around the offices. The MD Joanna is often behind the till in the kitchen or serving hot meals. The Leaders make it very clear that Moneypenny would not be the success it is today without its loyal staff and everything the leaders do. They show this appreciation through anything from little thank you tokens to huge gestures of all expenses paid events. Most recently, the ‘family fun day’ meant that all of the Leaders were manning the stalls and overseeing the day to ensure that every member of staff was enjoying themselves and having fun with their families. It is the little day to day things like just being able to chat to a Leader that makes Moneypenny what it is.
My Team
My Team
Team really is a word that encapsulates life at Moneypenny, meaning they follow a self-managed team model at all times. To promote inclusion as to whether you are a Team Leader or Team Manager your primary job is as a PA. Teamwork is aided by the new honeycomb desk layout, which was specifically designed so teammates can have a chat with one another, the central staircase, which is positioned so everyone rubs shoulders with one another and the layout of the eating area with long family style tables. Every element of the building has been designed to encourage and nurture the family feel that surrounds the company. They also hold regular ‘hello’ sessions; these are small, intimate group huddles, where the more Senior Management and Directors will communicate with staff, gain feedback and ask vital opinions to ensure staff happiness. There is a culture of openness at Moneypenny with a flat hierarchy. For companywide meetings, they like to inject fun and use it as a social event to get everyone together. At the latest meeting there was free beers and fish & chips to celebrate the launch of Moneypenny’s company newspaper, used to communicate all things Moneypenny and filled with news from employees. Finally every Thursday and Friday the pub is open after work for a few hours and brings everyone from all over the company together to socialise.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Moneypenny has set up the Moneypenny Foundation to provide new opportunities in life and work for unemployed young women in the local community. Ten young women, who have been referred by local agencies, join the company every year for a six-month traineeship that comprises work experience in five different companies, coaching, mentoring, skills development and learning experiences. Moneypenny co-founder and Director Rachel Clacher dedicates most of her time to developing this initiative. Moneypenny funded all costs for the pilot scheme in 2014. The success of that led to the creation of the charity and now Moneypenny is committed to funding all admin costs, as well as all day-to-day traineeship running costs, such as providing mentors and work placements. The whole business is incredibly proud of all that Moneypenny Foundation achieves and support both the charity and the individual trainees. Moneypenny Foundation was established solely to give new opportunities to unemployed young women who have been referred by local agencies, the homeless hostel, Leaving Care and Youth Justice. The Foundation’s results have been staggering by any measure; over three years 21 young women who were unemployed with few choices in life have moved to full time employment or education. They are now looking to work with other employers to deliver the traineeships in their own communities. In addition, twice a year the training team run a week-long course that they designed in-house. This takes place at the local HE college Coleg Cambria for the long term unemployed to build their confidence and work skills.

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  • Women

    At least 40% of senior managers are women

  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

  • Gym

    companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or offering subsidised gym membership for all employees

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Companies offering private health insurance for all employees

  • Family Friendly
    Family Friendly

    School hours contracts offered to staff

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