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My Manager
My Manager
The company’s Head of Talent post was specifically appointed this year to focus on developing their management team. Given the growth of the company over the past 12 months, they recognised there was an increasing requirement to be able to offer their own bespoke training in house, in order to be flexible to be able to respond to the manager’s individual development needs as and when required. A full leadership development programme has been designed and is currently being delivered to the entirety of their management team, including those working towards a managerial promotion. The course offers a blend of leadership development to include effective coaching in leadership, developing emotional intelligence and also core management skills i.e. conducting effective appraisals and competency development. They have the capacity to follow up with managers, and their line managers, outside of the training programme to offer any extra support or one to one feedback/coaching sessions required. They are currently in the process of reviewing and redesigning their mentorship programme, to ensure both the mentor and the mentee are empowered to maximise the opportunity of external support. Their Directors and Senior Managers have recently undergone a Colorworks psychometric profiling in order to understand and improve their own personal performance but also to inform how they work best as a group.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Following the appointment of their new Head of Talent, the company began with a major overhaul of the entirety of the learning and development offering. A new company-wide appraisal process and associated documentation was rolled out, in line with the commencement of the new fiscal year. This allowed their L&D team to conduct a full training needs analysis across the company. Their training partner, with Head of Talent, launched a “new starter training programme” for onboarding all new employees. Their mid-level / Senior Consultants were offered a newly designed “advanced sales training course” to enhance and develop their skills, and maximise their potential. Having previously had all management training delivered by external partners, they were able to bring this offering in house and are in the process of delivering a new “Leadership Development Programme” to the entirety of their Management team. They have also assessed and redesigned their promotional process to guarantee transparency and parity at all levels. Their existing competency documents were reviewed and redesigned to ensure complete clarity of expectations for all staff for the level they are currently operating at, but also to convey to them what needs to be done in order to achieve promotion. With this increased investment they are able to create and execute a full L&D strategy, whilst simultaneously being able to create bespoke training packages in house.
My Team
My Team
In the lead up to their Head Office move this year, they launched the London Wall Legacy Initiative, a working party introduced to maintain high standards and new levels of professionalism and culture. A group has evolved into a company-wide conduit that affects positive change and protects what makes them great. The same group is responsible for Take Pride and the Sports & Social Club. Each club owner is responsible for driving engagement supported by regular marketing initiatives and promotions. Other initiatives they run and find very successful include: monthly forums across all levels of experience; power hour; volunteer days where employees are entitled to up to 2 days a year to volunteer with a charity: mentoring & buddying system. Their organised charity events bringing together all employees in a social capacity with the united mission to support the charity of choice, actively engaging with one another to support charities e.g. Macmillan Coffee morning , Brain Tumour Research’s Wear A Hat Day, ClLIC Sargent’s Wear a Wig Day and Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

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