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THROUGHOUT THE DOWNTURN, which has forced it to make significant redundancies, Morgan Stanley continued to keep its employees motivated with strong leadership, its philanthropic policies and good career prospects, leaving them feeling good about the company. The financial services firm ranks in the top 10 overall on these four categories in our staff survey.

Its workforce believes the company is run on strong principles (a 74% positive score) and people have a great deal of faith in the UK leader, Walid Chammah (71%), ranking the firm sixth and seventh respectively on these two questions.

Morgan Stanley invests £2,000 per head a year on training, which includes courses on everything from communication skills to people management and organisational savvy, which means there are opportunities to learn and grow (65%, a top five score) and staff don't have to look far for examples of where the job can take them. More than 730 senior managers were promoted internally. Employees consequently find the firm good for their personal growth, (77%, a result bettered by just five other firms). The work is stimulating (72%), gives valuable experience for the future (75%) and people feel they can make a difference within the business (74%).

Sharing knowledge is part of the culture at Morgan Stanley and, in the light of the economic climate, senior management has increased the number of meetings, "lunch and learn" seminars and breakfast briefings it holds with staff. This access to the leadership and regular updates on business developments means the workforce is confident in the leadership skills of bosses (73%, a top 10 score) and this filters down to their managers, who are good listeners (70%).

Morgan Stanley has also continued to put its corporate social responsibility high on the agenda. It is halfway through a three-year project to raise £10m for Great Ormond Street hospital and last year 2,500 staff undertook charitable activities in work hours, from creating accessible pathways for disabled users at an activity centre to giving a school playground a makeover. Staff feel it is putting enough back into the community (61%, the sixth highest score on this question).

As you might imagine, employees are well remunerated. Associates can expect to earn almost £53,000 and more than two-thirds of staff make in excess of £45,000, on top of which there is a discretionary performance-based bonus. You don't get paid well for nothing, however, and employees can feel they spend too much time working (a positive score of just 44%, the second lowest result). Yet they would not leave tomorrow if they were offered another job (68%, a top 10 score) and are proud to be part of the firm (79%).

What is it like to work for Morgan Stanley UK

The Leader of the organisation, Walid Chammah has uniquely attempted to communicate with employees at all levels. Walid ensures that he and his management strongly communicate with all employees and impresses upon them his vision and values. He ensures that he attends all Town Halls where important messages need to be shared with employees which are notified to employees by e-mail in advance. Employees are encouraged to submit questions before and after the event. Walid personally takes time to meet with new hires to the Firm in the graduate programme by attending briefings and social events. He is also keen to ensure his team do likewise and encourages them to participate in breakfast briefings. These tend to be small scale events where 10-15 employees can meet with employees over breakfast or lunch to ask questions, first hand about the Firm, its values and its future.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
All employees have access to two types of training curricula: Financial product training to enable the technical development and management training to enable the professional development. Formal training is delivered in a variety of ways: classroom, online, Video-Conference and LiveMeeting. Sharing Knowledge is key to Morgan Stanley’s culture and is typically undertaken at a divisional level using different tools. Some of these include ‘lunch and learn’ events in which employees will come together in a less formal seminar for a briefing or seminar. Divisions will also make use of the intranet to share departmental knowledge and via Morgan Stanley today to share company information. Morgan Stanley has a number of strategies in place to manage talent. This includes key programmes that develop and engage with the workforce. An example of this is the Women’s Leadership Development programme which focuses on the senior leadership Development Programme.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Morgan Stanley recognises it has a role and a responsibility in advancing sustainable global development which requires a sound economy, strong social institutions and a healthy environment. They also realise their long-term business goals are best achieved in societies that embrace sustainable development. Contributions they make with their clients to help minimise environmental and social risks, such as making sound investments in environmentally beneficial technologies, encouraging investors to mitigate environmental risks and engaging stakeholders in open and constructive dialogue, can have positive impacts for communities, businesses, governments and the environment. In turn, Morgan Stanley benefits from stronger relationships with clients and communities as well as from healthier, safer and more sustainable societies.

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  • Shares

    Companies where employees are offered share options

  • Gym

    On-site gym or subsidised gym memberships

  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    10% of staff undertake charitable activities during business hours

  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

  • Pensions

    Companies offering a final salary or non-contributory pension scheme

  • Maternity

    At least 10 weeks' leave on full pay

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

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    Investment Banking, Global Capital Markets, Technology, Sales and Trading, Operations, Credit, Private Wealth Management, Research, Finance.


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