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TURKEY WITH ALL the trimmings is cooked by staff at MotoNovo Finance each December for local people who otherwise wouldn’t get a Christmas dinner. Goodwill extends way beyond the festive season at this Cardiff-based motor finance business, a subsidiary of FirstRand Bank that has been trading under its current name since 2012. A culture of giving back is top of the agenda, and last year £59,000 was raised for charity through events ranging from weekly dress-down Fridays to sponsored mountain climbs, with the management team led by group chief executive officer Mark Standish matching funds raised by individuals.

The workforce of 512, up by 139 in a year, welcomes the way this organisation encourages charitable activities — an 89% positive score for this question. They say it has a strong social conscience (84%). Giving back also means a return to the classroom for those who volunteer to help young readers at primary level as well as offering interview and CV coaching for older students.

Work is an important part of people’s lives here (82%) and they feel proud to be part of the company (87%). Their dedication is rewarded with initiatives such as a corporate credit card given to one and all. The balance is topped up with credit to treat those who hit targets or just as a thank-you.

Help is available for those who want to reach a personal goal such as quitting smoking — the sort of support that gives staff confidence in the leadership skills of those in charge (84%).


What is it like to work for MotoNovo Finance

MotoNovo’s values are embedded in the way that they do business and manage their teams,which is reflected by the company being awarded IIP Gold. The Senior Management Team are passionate about involving employees in the day to day operation of the business, as well as ensuring everyone is aware of the company strategy. They have increased their headcount substantially this past year and are set to double their numbers in the next 3-5 years. They have a fantastic induction programme and are passionate about recruiting employees that 'fit' the MotoNovo culture. The Senior Management Team are always available with an open door policy for any employee to speak and ask questions, as ideas and suggestions are always welcome. They make sure that everyone is fully trained and has the opportunity to gain promotion or move jobs internally if they wish. CEO Mark Standish is an inspirational leader and strong advocate of communication, ensuring that all team members are aware of the business strategy, tactics and performance. He has a strong leadership team who have been together now for the best part of ten years, meaning there is never any doubt about strategy in terms of business. He places great emphasis on the culture of the business and the people. He has a well-earned reputation for driving the business forward and is always looking for innovative ways to make the business unique in the market place. The employees would all say that they feel he has involved them in the running of the business and that they feel proud of this forward thinking and successful operation.
There has been the recent introduction of a "Cease Smoking" initiative, where MotoNovo offer employees time out of the business to attend weekly meetings with an external body to help employees quit. They also have an Employee Assistance Programme, whereby employees are able to access support online at any time. They also have a 'Best Doctors' benefit where an employee is able to access a second opinion from a world class doctor specialising in the field which has already been diagnosed by a GP. HR are involved in conversations with individuals whose Managers have identified might be needing help in terms of stress, whether home or work related. They have a robust training programme for all employees to ensure that they are fully able to do the role and this is managed by their Line Manager. Finally if the company feel that an employee is struggling with the requirements of the role they offer extra support or will look at alternative employment.
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My Company
The business values are deeply embedded in the delivery of MotoNovo's unique culture. The company ensure they are highly visible across the business via wall posters, desk materials, on the company intranet and also that they are reflected in all communications. Employees first 'meet' the values at interview and upon joining 'meet' them again in detail during the induction training. The values are led at the very top of the business, with a deep commitment that they genuinely work to differentiate the business in service delivery and the innovation for which the business is renowned. The annual conference provides a platform that all team members are invited to to review the business' mission and values and the achievement of the business bench marked against the vision. At this event the Leaders of the organisation candidly assess performance fiscally and in terms of the values. They celebrate success and outline the next year’s strategic emphasis to further leverage what are considered unique principles.

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