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My Manager
My Manager
MSI Group support and develop their management team by giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions within a fast moving environment. They also work collaboratively with those who have moved into a leadership role to identify current and future training needs and map out clear development plans. In addition to structured training on the soft skills required to be a good leader, they also provide 121 training on how to manage individual performance and drive commercial awareness. MSI Group feel that this approach is supportive and provides their managers with the guidance they need. They have a performance appraisal system for all their employees, including their managers, and this helps them to ensure their staff are developed within their role and are engaged. MSI's selection and recruitment process ensures they can promote and hire managers with the correct skills and management behaviours. Ultimately, through effective engagement, they have built a workforce which is happy and engaged, increasing performance and productivity and reducing stress, turnover and staff sickness. MSI offer a rewarding environment which encourages and motivates managers to develop themselves and their team members.
My Company
My Company
MSI Group have an absolute passion for the industry, starting from the very top of the organisation. This is always evident and is vocalised on a daily basis. They have powerful and positive messages communicated to their staff from their senior members of management. MSI have TV monitors on their company walls which display powerful reinforcing messages and work statistics which they believe helps them to communicate their primary purpose.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
MSI Group offer an excellent salary, commission and bonus structure for their employees. In addition, their benefits package includes a pension scheme, private health care cover (which extends to the whole family depending on the seniority of the employee) and gym membership at our current corporate gym or a selected gym of the employees’ choice. MSI Group have a number of rewards and recognition events, the highlight of which is an annual trip overseas for everyone who has achieved their individual targets which included both customer service, sales and compliance targets. Other rewards include monthly team incentives for those teams who have achieved their targets such as white water rafting and team meals out at 5 star restaurants. In order to recognise company wide achievements we have held an afternoon BBQ and lunch for all staff.  They also offer company sponsored management training to reward those with management aspirations who would like additional training. Depending on the training needs of the position and the seniority of the employee MSI offer paid time off for studies.

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