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What is it like to work for NP Group

Accountablity for delivering promised performance and demonstrating valued behaviours is absolutely paramount in driving a values based culture. With that comes great celebration when staff exceed expectation and consistent remedial action when valued behaviours are not demonstrated. As part of their commitment to the value of client best practice, the senior management team lead the way in bringing in and developing new business and then nurturing ongoing business. This approach drives the very highest standards of service excellence and commitment to quality. As part of the commitment to the value of 'Respect', time is taken to focus on all staff - they listen to their ideas, regard their opinions and implement new ways of doing things, where appropriate. Every staff review focuses on the attainment of individual aspirations and company objectives. The senior management team spend time in these meetings clearly showing staff how their roles interweave with the larger goals of the business and performance is measured against the company's values and strategic objectives.
My Manager
My Manager
They work with all managers to improve their business performance through a combination of understanding themselves and understanding how to achieve improved staff performance. The business employs a number of approaches to supporting and developing the management team.  An appraisal process which focuses on providing constructive feedback on individual and team performance and setting the development objectives for the forthcoming half year. A 360 degree feedback tool which gives employees an opportunity to ‘score’ their managers. An exit interview process which gives constructive feedback on how they could improve in employee engagement efforts, and particularly how managers could maximise the value they get from their employees. A mentoring programme for all employees, including management, which gives the leaders in the organisation an additional support network outside the work environment. A regular weekly team meeting for all management is held to provide a forum for discussing business challenges and gleaning advice and feedback on work in progress. Frequent feedback and coaching is available to all managers on a regular basis- this performance feedback should identify skill gaps, leading to training and future improvement.
My Company
My Company
All employees have a good understanding of EVP as they actively particpated in its construction. It is through EVP that they communicate their primary purpose, values and ambitions in a succinct way.  The annual sales conference seeks to provide clarity and reinforcement of values,  mission, strategic objectives and ambitions for the forthcoming year and beyond. It also recognises outstanding performance and celebrates successes - all are aligned to the mission, values and vision. Integral to how they live the mission, values and vision is to ensure they are always at the forefront of their minds when operating day to day, leading their people, making decisions, engaging with candidates and clients and interacting with others through social media and other media. Through annual employee engagement survey they gain a better understanding of what is important to the people and where we may have become 'out of touch' . This allows the company to address key areas and focus on driving a high performance culture focused on a single vision.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Gym

    Companies offering free gym/ sports facilities or subsidised gym memberships with at least 50% of employees taking this up

  • Pensions

    Companies offering a final salary, non-contributory pension scheme or one in which the employer puts in at least three times

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