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What is it like to work for Omega Pharma Ltd

The company recruit people into versus the Values. Without a fit to these Values, they will not hire. Annual appraisal assesses versus the Values (the “how”) as well as delivery (the “what”). Cannot get full bonus without the how being good enough. The Senior Management team receive bonuses on their attainment of their functional pulse scores; current target is 8/10. The Values are referenced in everyday language across the business with the Management Team expected to role model behaviour in line with the Values; the company reference these values in their daily meetings and recently launched a better business framework which is anchored in how we live the values. The company is committed to creating a culture where feedback is embraced as part of the Open and Gracious Value and part of their organisational development strategy is about creating a better insight into self to better understand others and then be able to deliver results.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Omega is committed to making a difference to their employees by celebrating ownership that inspires them to build their legacy. Omega want to be the company everyone wants to join and no one wants to leave. This year the company developed an organisational development strategy that drove 3 key areas; Insight into self, understanding others, and delivering results. The company created an innovative pilot leadership development program aligned to these 3 areas; that is a blend of classroom, experimental, learning circle learning and supported with coaching. Each delegate was nominated for their personal skills and attributes as well as their alignment to the company’s values. The company is currently working with the Institute leadership and Management development to have this program accredited and as it is a pilot program we are working with the delegates to code sign and evolve for cohort 2 in 2016- further demonstrating our commitment to working as one team to drive perfection.
My Company
My Company
The company’s Make a Difference mission has remained true since their GM started in the business. The company is consistent in how they reference this for their consumers, customers, suppliers and employees alike. The Company Values were not defined top down but were developed by a group of employees from across the business. The Company Values are not on a wall, unforgotten or reminded about once a year. Instead, they are integrated tin every day as a reference to HOW they should run the business. The Company has a Values Charter which defines the standards they should expect of each other in reference to the outrageous ambition “T200” was launched two years ago, combined with a profit share scheme which means all employees can gain from a share in the business should the company hit certain profit targets.

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    At least 40% of senior managers are women

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    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

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    At least 10 weeks’ full pay or generous alternative

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    Profit Related Payment

    Companies where profit related pay is available and at least 50% of people receive it

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    Family Friendly

    School hours contracts offered to staff

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