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The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful at Orchestria, helped by Friday lunches where food is ordered in, entertainment nights with bowling and karaoke, as well as birthday cakes. The 67 staff are predominantly young and male — only 10% are women.

There is generous sick leave cover and holidays while 50 staff work from home and 10 opt for compressed hours and days. There is performance-related pay, profit-sharing, share options, private healthcare and childcare vouchers.

Such attractive conditions encourage staff to feel valued — employees give the firm an 80% positive score for being happy with the pay and benefits and 74% for their efforts being appreciated by managers. They also claim to feel secure in their jobs (77%) and believe they make a valuable contribution to company (83%).

Orchestria is a business services company which offers firms advice on compliance with the regulations that govern electronic communications. It is a relatively young organisation, founded in 2000, and its staff are excited by where it is going (83%) and believe it offers them a means of personal growth (78%).

Internal communications are good with an intranet, quarterly newsletters and bimonthly employee get-togethers with presentations from management. Consequently, the workforce give their managers an 82% positive score for talking openly and honestly with them, a slightly higher score for managers trusting their judgment (83%), and a similar proportion have confidence in the leadership skills of bosses (82%). There is also respect and affection for colleagues — confidence in their abilities gets an 87% positive score.

Employees give the company a 71% positive score for motivating them every day, for loving their job (75%), while at the same time praising colleagues for allowing them to be themselves at work (80%) and an even higher score for having fun while they are there (84%).

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    90% / 10%


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