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CONSULTANTS WHO MEET annual targets at the IT and energy recruitment firm Oscar win a fully funded weekend trip to Majorca — and if 60% succeed, the support teams go too. People feel they get a Fair Deal at this Manchester-based business, which has offices in Houston and Singapore, giving this factor a 77% positive score. It comes 99th for questions on Wellbeing (59%), and so is working on reducing hours and stress levels by introducing flexitime for some employees.


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My Manager
My Manager
New managers are coached and mentored when they take their first steps into a management role. Employee Development has been a core focus for Oscar in the last 18 months, with the introduction of PDPs for all employees every quarter proving particularly beneficial. At Oscar they understand that the development of their community is the main route to improved organisational performance. PDPs are an essential part of each individual’s learning cycle and provide an opportunity to discuss and review career aspirations and how they align with company objectives. Through Oscar’s PDP programme they have tracked and managed one aspiring consultant from trainee to a management position in 18 months. Furthermore, the company have colleagues based out of their global offices who have been afforded opportunity to further develop their skill sets in a whole new management environment. Those managers receive weekly coaching and mentoring form the Leaders of Oscar. Team engagement is reviewed through the company’s appraisal process, where Oscar measure managers on employee turnover, attendance, team progression both financially and through personal development, as well as the level of training and support provided by the manager overall. As a recruitment business, key financial deliverable's are the backbone of team growth; however Oscar have in the last 12 months increased awareness and understanding of the management competencies that underpin these results and managers are also measured of this through their bi-annual appraisal process.
My Team
My Team
In order to improve interaction and communication within teams, Oscar have been trialling SCRUM meetings within their UK office. The purpose of this working practice is to ensure teams are well organised and can structure their days as productively as possible. Initial feedback from this initiative is that Consultants feel more organised in their daily work and are able to share their progress, potential leads, market knowledge and insight with their teams. Better organised Consultants are now working less overtime, as they are able to perform more tasks within their core hours. Regular meetings are held for each team and even between Oscar’s offices in the UK and US to share ideas and tips. Oscar's company-wide internal monthly newsletter "Mupdate" contains content from each area of our business in the UK and US, such as Strategy updates, plans, key messages, department updates and upcoming events. This helps teams to feel better connected with one another. "Hot-desking" is also encouraged within offices, allowing employees to work alongside those who they may not otherwise engage with. The Annual Oscar Awards ceremony is also run via video link up with Houston, enabling everyone to celebrate achievements and improve communications.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Oscar's most effective reward is their annual holiday. Consultants who meet a personal pre-set billing target are rewarded with an all expense paid long weekend away to a destination of the consultants' choice. If more than 60% of consultants hit their targets support teams are also able to enjoy the weekend away. This year Consultants who met their sales target spent a weekend in Majorca fully funded by Oscar. To encourage this throughout the year updates are posted to all employees showing progress toward the target, ensuring all consultants work extremely hard to achieve said target and make it onto the plane! 

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

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    Companies who provide support for non-work related training

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