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Personal Growth
Personal Growth
PegasusLife work with leading edge consultants from Architects and interior designers to Mechanical and Electrical engineers and environmental specialists. As part of the partnership arrangement the company actively engage them in the training and developing their people on an informal basis via ‘brown bag sessions’. It is a unique approach to partnership working and one they are very proud of. On a more one-to-one basis, staff are asked to highlight areas of personal growth that require the company’s support. This may be to work on certain skills shortages and short courses are welcomed. Additionally, members of staff can request worktime flexibility to attend courses that will help support career development. A junior member of the marketing team is currently completing a CIM qualification, which will benefit the business as well as the employee’s own career development. Support includes the payment of fees and a shorter working day once a week to make college attendance easy. They have coached individuals, introduced them to NLP techniques, provided development to PAs in presentation and negotiating skills which has later resulted in internal promotions. The business is very tech savvy and encourages ‘self-learning’ through an online portal that helps everyone to navigate the Google system and hints and tips are constantly shared with everyone.
My Company
My Company
PegasusLife was created to do things differently and to do things better. Their mission, to fundamentally change retirement homes in the UK is not an easy task. Leaving profits to one side, to be successful requires an engaged workforce and a company culture that supports their mission. To that end, all new members of staff get a handbook that explains in detail all of their core values and how everyone at PegasusLife has a part to play in its success. Inspirational quotes that embody their values, from eminent people as diverse as Shakespeare and Jonathan Ive, have been designed into the office environment and can be seen on many of the office walls. PegasusLife’s Google+ page has a group called Living the Values, which is an active forum for exchanging ideas, where anyone can post articles or other thinking pieces that support company values. The competencies/values are also part of the appraisal process so everyone is assessed against them at least twice a year. Furthermore, every team day and company gathering is used as an opportunity for the CEO and other key personnel to reconfirm their focus on always having the mission at the forefront of all of all employees minds on a day-to-day basis.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
PegasusLife’s people are rewarded in ways which are specifically tailored to their roles, giving them the most appropriate and fair approach. So through a combination of mechanisms everyone can see how their contribution is rewarded. The most unique aspect and the one the company are proudest of is their Employee Participation Plan. The Company’s philosophy is based on ensuring people share in the long term success of the organisation, because it is through them that their success comes. The Plan is open to everyone and enables people to become stakeholders in their future. Company shares have been allocated to the scheme and employees are invited to contribute a set amount per month (up to £50 which buys them a proportion of the ‘pot’). On the completion of a sale or flotation everyone will then share in the ‘Bonus Pot’. The total size of the Bonus Pot is linked to the performance of the business and the value created upon the exit so people can see that their share in the business is directly linked to their contribution, it is a joint effort on everyone’s part. In terms of its effectiveness, the team take a long term approach because they have a stake in the future. They act in the best long term interests of the company, not on short term gains which could have a longer term negative effect on the business.

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