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One leading software company has a definite soft spot for its people. PeopleSoft has grown from a small office in Pleasanton, California, to be the sixth-largest software company in the world, offering packages to help companies manage human resources and customer relations.

The firm has 4,700 corporate customers in 140 countries, and a workforce of 8,500, including 257 in the UK head office in Reading, which opened in 1993. Its attitude towards employees is fair, generous and light-hearted. The company “rules of behaviour” explain, for example, that staff can make limited personal calls or use the internet, but are asked not to send any material that might “make your mother question her decision to be a parent”.

With global revenues of £2.1 billion, PeopleSoft is generous: 80% of staff say they are fairly paid and 88% feel they have good benefits. Consultants typically have a salary of £44,750, with a performance-related bonus ranging from £1,200 to £100,000.

Most staff share in the firm’s success: 65% own shares and almost half are in a sharesave scheme offering a 15% discount. Everyone can work flexitime, and maternity pay is six weeks at full salary, six at 80% and another six at 60%. Just over 70% of staff — the highest number in our survey — say the firm never takes advantage, and more than five in six praise its open management and fun atmosphere.

Although there were 32 redundancies last year, more than half of staff have been at PeopleSoft for more than five years.

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