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Employees at Pfizer have a universal sense of pride that each day they help to create ground-breaking drugs that can improve the quality of life for many people. "It's a great environment, with talented, intelligent individuals drawn together by one simple theme, which is to make a difference to patients' lives," one says.

In our survey, 72% of staff believe that they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the organisation and 79% say it makes a positive difference to the world in which we live, the latter being the highest score for this among our 10 best big companies.

Employees are proud to work for Pfizer. The research-based global pharmaceutical company develops, manufactures and markets medicines for humans and animals. These include some the world's best-known consumer products, such as Viagra. It is the UK's largest pharmaceutical company, employing more than 6,600 people, and is the top supplier of medicines to the NHS. All colleagues have a personal development plan and the firm has its own learning centre. There is also a Pfizer MBA, set up in partnership with Ashridge Management College in Hertfordshire.

""he training is first-rate both on and off-site," says one employee. "I have been given the chance to do an Open University degree and feel 100% supported."

Benefits are exceptional. The firm offers a pension scheme in which staff can choose to contribute between 2%-5% and the company 21.5%, plus 10% on any performance bonuses paid. Long-serving female staff get an enhanced maternity package of 18 weeks at full pay. All staff and spouses receive free private healthcare; cover for children costs just £60 per child a year. Pfizer also has dental facilities, an optician and physiotherapist on site, and its social club offers discounts on retail goods.

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