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With just under a quarter of its 305-strong staff working from home, the Practical Law Company shows it means what it says when it wants people to have a proper balance in their lives.

Founded in 1990, the London-based firm provides legal know-how to commercial and

private client lawyers and has more than 3,400 subscribers worldwide. According to our survey, employees feel they can make a difference in the organisation, giving a 70% positive score, say their work is an important part of their life (77%) and they are proud to work for for the company (79%).

The firm’s highest overall score is the Wellbeing factor, at 70% positive, putting it in 21st place. Apart from so many people being able to work from home, other flexible options

include job sharing, reduced hours, term-time contracts and flexitime as well as sabbaticals.

Staff who work longer than contracted hours to meet deadlines receive time off in lieu. The firm offers childcare vouchers as well as a concierge service and weekly fitness classes are

held on site. It also works with organisations that provide support and advice for people

experiencing personal difficulties such as divorce or the loss of a family member.

Staff say that most days they don’t feel exhausted when they get home from work (56%)

and they are happy with the balance of their work and home life (74%, the eighth best score).

They are not under so much pressure that it affects their performance (72%) or concentration

(73%) and employees’ health is not suffering because of work (80%). Employees are encouraged to volunteer and are given days off for this.

The company also supports staff by matching funds raised for their favourite good causes by up to £250. It sponsors state school students from the Southwark or Lambeth areas through a three-year degree law course. Staff say profit concerns are not the only thing driving the business (69%), that its support of worthy causes is not driven by a desire for publicity (70%) and the leaders run the organisation on sound moral principles (72%).

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