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What is it like to work for Prospectus

Prospectus’ leadership team demonstrate in many ways their commitment to the values of the organisation. In the first instance they sit amongst their teams and have 'no fixed abode' which enables them to hot desk across their teams and the organisation which underpins and supports their values of trust, collaboration and community. The CEO shares his diary for the week ahead each week to the whole company so they can see what he is doing and contribute and request information. The senior management group and leadership team meeting every Tuesday morning to discuss business activity, share information and learning, identify ways to collaborate with clients and candidates and support the work of the community. All managers participate in networking externally and contribute to the workshop programme that support employee development. Several members of the team are trustees of charities. David is at the heart of the organisation passionately endorsing Prospectus’ commitment to quality recruitment and desire to find the best people for the beyond profit sector. He has created a language that all employees use. David doesn't have an open door policy because he is rarely in the office but you will find him somewhere in the wider office personally appraising successes, enquiring about recruitment projects, sharing information, knowledge and experience, providing guidance, sharing his passion for people and the beyond profit sector and celebrating! Only last week they had the difficult task of closing part of a desk due to the need of the clients changing, and whilst this didn't lead to dramatic internal changes, David lead a celebration of that desk with a breakfast for everyone, recognising what was achieved and moving the company forward.
Prospectus recently signed up to the Time to Test campaign. They are proud to be supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust #TimeToTest Campaign. They want to make sure their employees do not delay attending their cervical screening and have pledged their support to Time to Test, a new campaign by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. In line with current policies on supporting their team to attend medical appointments, supporting the Time to Test Prospectus believe they are playing a vital role in protecting their health, raising awareness of cervical cancer and potentially preventing further lives being lost to the disease. Prospectus supports good mental health and advocates an open forum in which employees can discuss any problems they have discreetly. Their model of non commission based salary structure is rare in the recruitment sector and they believe that this takes the stress out of working as employees know what their take home pay each month will be which is important given the cost of living in London. They are also a Living Wage Service Provider, and ensure all Prospectus posts are paid above the London Living wage. The company have created spaces in the office so employees can break out from their desks and get away from the phones. As part of their recent refurbishment they have increased the size of the kitchen area and really invested in it so employees have a place they want to come to and relax. Prospectus try to put on fun surprises for their teams to create a fun and relaxed environment, this includes the Summer Fete that was held for all employees in Summer 2015.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Prospectus is a community that participates and has an impact on the larger communities that are within the recruitment space, the beyond profit sector and society. Their impact can be felt in the way the Prospectus team work together to connect thousands of talented individuals with hundreds of beyond profit organisations every year. They work with a range of organisations, from small grass-root community-led local charities, to large-scale NGOs operating in hundreds of countries. All of these organisations and all of the talented individuals that the company place helps to bring about global change. This is reflected in the recent accreditation as a B Corp organisation. Other community initiatives include the fundraising that takes place including two upcoming events, the Big Sleep Out for the Big Issue and a team cycling for the British Asian Trust. The CEO is trustee and patron for several organisations, and the company are pioneers for the Trust Youth initiative. They a team run in the British London 10K raising money for various charities. Every employee gets 6 volunteering days a year. Examples of volunteering can be seen in the attached copy of Beat. Prospectus is a pioneer of Advantaged Thinking, a philosophy that underpins the Trust Youth movement, an alliance of organisations and individuals working to promote an asset-based approach to young people. As part of this they are dedicated to ensure young people are given the right opportunities to thrive and prosper. In addition, they have made a commitment to offer at least two weeks of work experience to young people each year. This reflects previous experience of supporting initiatives assisting this who might have difficulty gaining or regaining employment.

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