Pure Gym

What we do:
Gym facilities including group fitness and personal training

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Head Office:
Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY

Our Mission/Vision

Mission: To combine passionate people, high standards and great value to help members achieve their personal health goals. Vision: To create the best gym experience in the UK.

Company Information

PRACTISING WHAT YOU preach is the norm for the super-fit bunch behind Pure Gym. Rather than reaching for the chocolate biscuits during their breaks, employees at the fast-growing chain are encouraged to use the facilities to work on their fitness.

Chief executive Humphrey Cobbold and his senior team have a flexible approach to time management, encouraging their workforce to clock off promptly and use quiet periods to let off steam with a quick blast of exercise. The approach has helped team morale, with the 616 staff of proud to work for Pure Gym (an 83% positive score for this question). Launched in 2009, the Leeds-based company has 170 UK gyms and has attracted more than 800,000 users.

The business offers job- shadowing opportunities and training to assist career development. This is recognised by the young workforce, three-quarters of whom are aged 34 or under, who feel the job provides valuable experience for the future (81%). Hard work does not go unrecognised — an annual awards event celebrates the firm’s rising stars — and its motivated staff feel they can make a valuable contribution to Pure Gym’s success (87%).


Company Statistics

  • 11%

    Earning £35,000+

  • 170

    UK sites

  • 2009


  • 31

    Average Age

  • 44%

    Staff Turnover

  • 616


  • 63% / 37%

    Male : Female

List History

  • Best Companies To Work For List 2017


  • Sunday Times List 2016


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