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Red Commerce’s CEO, Richard Vercesi (or RV as he is fondly known internally), is in constant contact with all employees at all levels. RV has an open door policy and is open to the ideas of all staff members regardless of their level within the business. He plays an incredibly active role in the company’s recruitment process and meets most people before they join, therefore removing the barriers between himself and everyone else. RV has all the essential qualities of a good leader, having worked up from sales to become CEO, and is one of the most open, honest and down-to-earth people in the organisation. He leads from the front and throws himself wholeheartedly into every company activity, particularly when there is an opportunity to throw some shapes on the dance floor!
My Manager
My Manager
Managers at Red Commerce ensure that the reviews they conduct have a '360' element to them, so that after each review both manager and team member have a list of actions to complete. Managers have regular informal feedback sessions with their teams and run regular breakout sessions with their teams to talk about hot topics and share ideas and information. At least once a month, managers will ensure that they spread some time with their teams in a less formal (i.e. social) setting to encourage honesty and openness, as opinions tend to flow more freely in this setting than around the desks! With regards to rewards, managers will offer both individual and team incentives for performance against a variety of targets, daily, weekly or monthly, and will also send emails around the business to highlight outstanding performances.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Red Commerce has two dedicated internal trainers (and they are currently recruiting for a third) whose sole focus is improving their employees development.

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    On-site nursery or vouchers

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    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

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