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Roche provide diagnostic tools and medicines in the treatment of all sorts of diseases and therapy areas. The entire global population is their customer base and specifically those with illnesses that require treatment.

Passion; integrity; courage. These are the three core principles that Roche stand for, look for in candidates and ask all team members to follow on a daily basis. A true sense of togetherness follows this, with the belief that everyone at Roche is working towards the same primary purpose of 'doing now what patients need next'.

Roche would not be where they are today without the hard work and determination of their entire workforce. To thank team members for their tireless work, Roche created an 'applause recognition programme'.

Any employee can 'award' their colleagues for efforts above and beyond their day job. This could come in the form of money, vouchers or simply digital thank you cards. Roche has a department that works tirelessly to procure great deals and discounts on external products and rewards which employees who get recognised can then review in menu format and choose what most works for them in terms of lifestyle choice or stage of their career.

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Leaders all sit within the business and do things such as walkabouts and "check-ins" with people. They are ready to spend time with any employee who wants to speak to them.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Every employee is encouraged to generate with their line manager a detailed personal and career development plan and have goals and actions (of any nature) in order to achieve that.
My Company
My Company
The recruitment process is designed to leave any applicant (whether they are successful or not) better off. This could include useful feedback and insight reports that gives them things to work on when considering other roles/opportunities. 

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