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About Rok plc

With a name like Rok to trade on, the Exeter-based construction company bills itself as the "nation's local builder" and has 37 sites around the country. A relaunch in 2001 shook up the company for the first time since it was established in 1939 and employees are now excited about where the organisation is going, giving it a 75% positive score for this measure. Training begins as soon as anyone joins and staff are confident in the abilities of team-mates, scoring 77% for this; they feel their team is fun to work with (78%).

Chief executive Garvis Snook recently invited all staff to apply for leadership roles. Of the 157 who did, seven were chosen to become potential team leaders and employees believe they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the business (79%). Rok prides itself on being part of the communities in which it works, which staff appreciate; they give the firm an 81% positive score for believing in its values.

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    86% / 14%


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